• A Spoiler/Rumour Warning On Certain Recent Leaks - Be Careful With the Files

    A Warning On the My Little Pony Generation 5 and MLP Movie 2 Rumor - Be Careful With the Files

    As many of you have pointed out, another explosion seems to be taking place on the ponynet. A Rumored MLP generation 5 (with supposed concept images) and a second My Little Pony Movie leading up to it, plus season 9 being the series finale are spreading like wildfire around the fandom. All of this information can easily change with such large timelines, but this is what the rumormongering is currently building up with based on the release.

    These have apparently leaked from the same channels as the movie, and in a similar vain, we wanted to get a general PSA out on being careful with these files. As with all things internet, they are making the rounds and probably impossible to keep in check, but sharing them will definitely risk you being targeted. Obviously we won't be posting any of the actual images or files here.

    And again, we can't stress enough that most of this information could change easily if it is all real. The currently timeline is apparently way out into 2021. We knew a reboot was coming, but how it will take place still has not been officially announced.