• Discussion: What was Your Favorite Long Running Fan Series of the Last 7 Years?

    We've had hundreds of projects over the years that covered months worth of episodes, updates, or general creation. Stuff like Friendship is Witchcraft dominated the old days, and newer series like DWK's Totally Legit are some of the most loved of the current generation. Fallout Equestria was arguably one of the biggest influences on our growth as a community, bringing in loads of people who thought an adorable pony doing wastelandy things was awesome. Even radio play projects have ascended from simple story readings to fully staffed massive casts with artists, musicians, and more all putting their skills into creating something awesome. 

    My question, what is/was your favorite? What series do you sometimes go back to and watch just for fun? Or what one do you look forward to seeing in your subscription box or here on EQD every week?

    Discuss below!