• Hasbro is Considering A Mattel Takeover

    With their booming growth these last few days and the absorption of all sorts of licenses their competition once owned, Hasbro looks to be taking a step further with a possible takeover of Mattel. These talks have been in the works for a while now, we even reported about something similar way back in February when it was still barely a thing, but it's looking like this might actually happen.

    Both companies saw a surge in stock prices when this was announced, with Mattel receiving a whopping 20% percent jump when they announced that Hasbro has brought up the idea of takeover. At a combined total of 16 billion in market value between the two, this would bring them right up to LEGO as biggest toy company in the world.

    How will this effect pony? Probably not much. Aside from me wishing I could go back in time and tell past me to invest everything into Hasbro stocks 6 years ago. That would have been nice.

    Thanks to Nebula for the heads up