• Patreon Celebration - October - Trixie's... Tricked Me!

    "But we already had a Trixie one!" ...I forgot! So much Trixie happens here on a day-to-day basis that it sometimes all merges together. I guess we will Trix again then?  I already told everyone on Patreon we were using her. Woops!

    Next month - STARLIGHT! How could I forget her? I feel bad now.

    Anyway, your celebration post has arrived and once again I want to thank everyone (all 266 of you!) for contributing. Most people don't claim these rewards, which is probably a sign of how bad they are, but I can't think of any that would fit without making EQD some pay-to-view garbage that I'd hate running. Hopefully we can gather some ideas soon. We will be doing another AMA Post here for all questions.

    Anyway, below the break get the people that did claim things. Onward to another month!

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Specially Trained Derp

    Raizen - "October means EQD will have another bat pony in socks banner right?"

    PonyGrove - "Need voice work for your My Little Pony fan project? Look at my casting page for info! castingcall.club/m/Grove"

    Luna - "Luna Luna"

    Shadowkrosser - "Always make decisions instead of choices because responsibility for outcomes is not conditional."

    Velen - "Hope everyone enjoys the movie!"

    @the_scuba_drew - “Sink beneath the waves to find your inner peace!"

    Stefan - "Thanks you guys for bringing all the PoniPoniPoni one could ask for. Here's hoping for more of it with the movie coming out!"

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    ShimSham - "Every day should be Trixie day in October from now on, and everyone should go out and see the MLP movie! For Trixie!"

    Niels - "Pony pirates are canon!"

    Xinef - "Even an overworked horse needs some vacations every now and then"

    Luster - "It's finally here! Come support the show and meet other fans at the movie we've all been waiting for. Worried about going alone? Find some friends with EQD's Movie Meetup list!"

    All Other Tiers!

    Ryan - "Seeing the making of the movie was awesome, can't wait to see how it all comes together"


    Ajnrules - "I Love Rainbow Dash!"

    Lahirien - "Show your support for My Little Pony: The Movie!"

    Trixie... needs more dancing GIFS