• Peter New Gaming Charity Stream this Saturday!

    For those of you looking for something to do this weekend before or after going to the MLP Movie, why not help give to charity? Peter New is going to be doing a Gaming Charity Stream on Saturday and our favorite pony of few words could really use some help to help those effected by Vegas and the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico!

    Check on after the break for all the details.

    This Saturday, October 7, your friend Peter New (aka Big Macintosh) will be hosting a charity game stream to raise money for Vegas, as well as relief for Puerto Rico!

    Peter, who is not a gamer, has set up a Twitch account so you can watch him fail his way through the hit game Overwatch.

    Peter found out today it's a first person shooter game. He said, "I hate first person shooters." so this is going to be FUN!

    You won't want to miss this stream; we may even get surprise swag-rich appearances by some very special guests!


    A few minutes before the starting time of 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern, go to greymare.net/prvegas and follow the big links at the top (they aren't there now; they WILL be there Saturday) to tune into the stream! This page will also contain complete instructions on how to pledge, donate, and collect your prize swag.


    There will be lots of ways to snag sweet pony swag during this event! Starting shortly before the event, greymare.net/prvegas will have complete, step by step instructions on how to donate, send your receipts, and claim your goodies.

    (TL;DR: Donate the appropriate amounts, forward the emailed receipts, and we'll be in touch to collect your shipping information.)

    Here's an overview of what will be on offer:

    Pledge (and donate, of course) at least $5 to the Puerto Rico relief effort and $5 to the Las Vegas Victims' Fund  to buy a limited edition hi-res print of the awesome Cuphead inspired art by PixelKitties from the top of this page. (And if you double your donation to at least $10 to each, for a total of $20, Peter will sign it!)

    Or pledge (and donate) at least $10 to buy this limited run wooden poker chip by My Little Ties, featuring art by Nanook1234 with all proceeds going to Vegas!

    Or pledge (etc etc) $10 to buy this adorable print by ChibiJenHen with proceeds also going to the Puerto Rico relief effort!

    Or, for something really special, pledge and donate at least $100 ($50 to Vegas, $50 to Puerto Rico) to get the ChibiJenHen print above, signed by Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, and Tara Strong! (That's a lot of pony!)

    Or pledge a dime for every time Peter dies. Or a buck for every level, or checkpoint or whatever the heck. Pledge and donate freely and often!

    Lots of great deals for a couple of GREAT causes!

    The fun starts at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern and will last until 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern!

    Come chat! Ask Yes or No questions (or other questions, what the hay)! Let's have some fun!

    Don't Miss It!!

    Twitter: Calpain