• The Crystal Fair Returns Steptember 23rd

    Next weekend's Crystal Fair single-day convention over in St. Louis has another general presser for their upcoming event on the 23rd. This will be one day con in preparation for their big one next year on Memorial Day.

    Below the break, get all the infos.

    The Crystal Fair St. Louis Returns With A Battle For The Ages!!!

    For the fifth year in a row, the Crystal Fair returns to St. Louis!  This year, we’re doing a one-day event on September 23rd in preparation for a bigger and better event Memorial Day 2018.  The fun starts at 10:00 A.M. and will go all day long.

    This year’s Crystal Fair will be taking place at the Five Star Senior Center (2832 Arsenal St.) with a theme of Pirates vs. Ninjas!  Come out and support your side and show who is better.  Badges for the one day event are only $20, and can be purchased on our website.  You can also buy your badge for the 2018 Crystal Fair for $35.  Or buy your badge for this year and next year for $45!

    This year we have two special guests coming to St. Louis for fans to meet and greet.  Our first one is an old timer, coming back for his 5th time.  Pirate Dash, a.k.a. T.J. Carson is the moderator of the aforementioned and well-known ask blog, Ask Pirate Dash.  So you know which side he’ll be on in our battle!  In addition, he is the moderator of other ask blogs, including Ask Mic Boom and Marigold’s Recovery.

    Our second guest is a first-timer to St. Louis, Kenzie Wells!  Kenzie is also known as Ghostly Muse.  She s an Alumni of the Columbus College of Art & Design. She's both an illustrator and a comics creator, known for her graphic novel series FriendQuest and for her work as a recurring artist and mascot designer for the Brony Thank You Fund. She's currently working freelance on a Lovecraftian inspired card game with Steam Kitty Games and is an RPG enthusiast. You can find her at her booth selling her graphic novel, art prints, sculpted works, and doing on-the-spot commissions for anyone who's interested. She loves all things Ancient Egypt, spooky, and paranormal and will totally give you a high five if you ask for one.

    In addition to our guest, we have numerous vendors selling a wide range of items; from buttons to prints, to figurines and plushies, and more!  Our vendors include Sora Arts, Syco Kaiyote Arts, Lunar Shine, N’Toonz, and more!  Check them all out on the 23rd!  And we have numerous activities and panels planned.  Check out our website soon for a full listing of panels and more.

    Don’t take it just from us though.  Here’s what two-time Guest of Honor Lee Tockar, voice of Snips and Steven Magnet, has to say about why you could come to the Crystal Fair!

    “Come to the Crystal Fair.  Meet the people.  Give to the charity, and have a good time.  It’s a great venue.  One of the kindest conventions I’ve ever been too.”

    We hope to see you all for this year’s Crystal Fair!