• BronyCAN's Final Event Announcements For the Event This Weekend!

    BronyCAN's Final Press release for their convention on the 25th - 27th of August has been released, covering everything that you can expect at the event from guests to charity all in one big post.

    Below the break, get all of it!

    It is BronyCAN’s final year and we are going out with one last hurrah!  BronyCAN will be happening at the Executive Hotel in Richmond, BC Canada. BronyCAN is Canada's Premier My Little Pony Convention!  
    Read more after the break to see our special guests, schedule and more! Come party with us for our last year and jump into the MANEFRAME!    

    Can you believe BronyCAN’s 5th and last convention is this weekend? Don’t miss your chance to party with us August 25th – 27th at the beautiful Executive Hotel in Richmond, BC Canada. Tickets will be sold at the door. Our tickets prices are in CDN$: Three-day pass $65, Friday $35, Saturday $40, Sunday $30, Children are free (under 12, with a paying adult).
    Our goal is to create a safe, enjoyable and entertaining convention where fans of all ages can share in their love of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. To improve upon our family-friendly initiative, NEW for this year is BronyCAN Foal’s Playroom where children can play and relax with fun activities.  


    Come check out our special guests for BronyCAN 2017 including: Peter New the voice of Big Macintosh and Doctor Whooves; Kelly Sheridan the voice of Starlight Glimmer; M.A. Larson writer for My Little Pony; Daniel Ingram songwriter and composer for My Little Pony; Brian Doe the voice of Timber Spruce in MLP Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree; Vincent Tong the voice of Flash Sentry, Garble the Dragon, Featherbangs and more; and Bill Newton  the voice of Bright Mac.  Enjoy their stories at their panels and meet them at the autograph sessions.  You can read their Bios here: https://bronycan.ca/guests

    If music is your thing, don’t miss our two CANterbeat concerts happening Friday and Saturday evenings. Listen to this talented herd of DJs, producers, songwriters and singers as their talent lights up the dance floor. You will be showing off your moves all night long!         
    BronyCAN’s Charity Auction this year is in support of Zajac Ranch for Children. Zajac Ranch for Children is a camp created to empower youth with disabilities through an outdoor camp experience. Special to the auction this year will be authentic Warner Brothers animation cels. Come bid and own a piece of animation history while supporting a great cause!
    Visit the Zajac Ranch website: https://zajacranch.com/
    Make sure to plan your week by checking out BronyCAN’s con schedule.
    Link: https://bronycan2017.sched.com/

    Come support BronyCAN’s final year! The BronyCAN team is grateful to all of the BronyCAN volunteers, attendees, and guests over the last 5 years that helped make BronyCAN into a success. We couldn’t have done it without everypony’s love and support of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!   

    Please follow us @BronyCAN on Twitter, or @BronyCAN on Facebook, or at ask-bronycan on Tumblr for updates. Tickets will be sold at the door in CDN$: Three-day pass $65, Friday $35, Saturday $40, Sunday $30, Children are free (under 12, with a paying adult). Jump into the MANEFRAME and visit our website for full details on BronyCAN 2017: https://bronycan.ca/
    Hope to see everypony there!