• Artist Training Grounds VII - Final Gallery

    Well my friends, we're finally at our destination: the end of the ATG. It's been a crazy month, hasn't it? Even though we've had 30 days of prompts and 3 makeup days it feels like only yesterday that we began. Over the course of the ATG I've seen so many of you improve, make friends, and try your hands at drawing for the first time.

    Regardless if you stuck with every single prompt or if you only did a single prompt, I'm proud of you. You entered into this wanting to improve or try something new and that in itself is an admirable endeavor. Each and every night I stayed up with you all, excited to see what you'd submit and I was never disappointed in your efforts, your creativity, and just how awesome you all were. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, I hope it takes you to wonderful places and I look forward to seeing more from you all either in the time between ATGs or next year when we begin again!

    For our final gallery tonight you guys celebrated with 83 ponies giving us a final total of 4251 ponies. That's an impressive number I hope you're all proud of!

    One last thing before we get to our gallery. For those of you who are going to miss the regiment of the ATG we do have an option for you! Over the years, alumni of the ATG have gathered together to continue challenging themselves and have formed the ATG Alumni Group! Here you can find years worth of prompts that I highly recommend you dig through and find something that inspires you.

    Now, onto the gallery!

    5 Graduated For What? - MustachedBain

    ATG 2017 is over and I have mixed feelings about that
    It feels good because I will have much more time to do something else
    It feels bad because we've been doing this for a month now and has became part of our daily routine
    But when the final day is here, it feels like I've been missing something

    Since we're here, I want to express my feelings
    I joined DA because I only want to participate in ATG 2017 since its my first year as a brony
    In this 30 days, I made a lot friends here and I'm very grateful about that
    They helped me to gain some confidence and improve my drawing
    I really want to thank ninjachristian, IronBeastz, HeartlyRosalie, NeverLastStanding ( I LOVE UR MUSICS), ThreeTwoTwo32232, LennyStendhal13, VeryComicRelief and Vata6
    Oh and special thanks to EqD staff :))))))))


    7 EqD NATG 2017 Day 30 - Survival - Terton

    Tert has survived the 2017 ATG. He lives to draw horses (and horse related creatures) another year. Now, excuse me while I got take a break for a few days.

    8 PATG Finale - Best Class Ever! - Cobalt Sketch

    Thanks for an awesome set of drawing challenges, EQD, it's been loads of fun taking on a new pony task every day, and I can't wait for next year's artist training grounds!

    Thanks for the best class ever! - Cobalt Sketch

    9 Artists of Training Grounds 2017 - Bright Idea

    Decided to draw this in a "yearbook photo" format and include Morphius and RABY (Rav Aharon Ben Yisrael) because I know their OCs the best out of all the various artists who participated.
    To all the graduating artists, congratulations!
    May you continue throughout the year to keep learning and growing your skills, and may you come up with even more...wait for it...BRIGHT IDEAS! :P (ba-dum-tss)

    10 Promotion fireworks (NATG Edition) - MDStw

    At the night of Twilight became princess,Pinkie and other ponies prepared a fascinating fireworks display to celebrate it.

    11 Graduation of Comic Relief - Comic Relief

    The final day of the training grounds! For my first ATG experience ever, im very happy how it all turned out! I think i really improved with my technique and style over these past 30 days! A big thank you for the wonderful people at Equestria Daily for making such a lovely event. Seriously, i gained a lot from this.
    I cant wait to take part in the next years ATG as well!

    12 Wrestling is Magic: final day: You-de-serve-it! *Stomp, stomp, stomp-stomp-stomp* - Jameson Ethan

    "with the surprise victory over his sister, Rocket Tier finally improved to one. While still quite a ways to go in catching up to Spotlight Splash, it seems this rivalry had been quelled, for now. What new challenges will these two face next in their wrestling careers? Until then, goodnight everybody from Stable Slam!" (EPW logo)

    That was fun; how about same time next year. Speaking of next, I referenced the (WWE) NXT belt from a few years ago. The perspective is off, but it's fine. Also, this belt goes out to all those NATG-mane-iacs who part took in this years event. Good tidings, Equestrian gold and gemstones are plentiful, so everyone gets a belt! You get a belt, and you get a belt, and etc!

    13 NATG2017 - DAY30 - Finally - DarkDabula

    Every party comes to an end !

    Hi guys !

    WE DID IT ! WE DID IT ! Today its the final day of Equestria Dailys Newbie Artist Training Ground 2017.

    What a trip ! I am proud that I was able to participate every day although I was at Galacon 2017 at the beginning of the NATG.
    It was a lot of fun to try new poses/expressions and expand my limits a bit. I think I have improved since the last NATG. This time I wasn't that stressed because I might have more routine when it comes to draw ponies.

    Now I will slow down a little bit with art and maybe we see us at the next NATG !!!

    Created with pen(s) and paper
    Color correction with GIMP

    15 ATG Graduates - Novaintellus

    C'mon, Neon, let's get drunk!
    Yeah, we'll return Sweetie back to Rarity.
    Then we can go celebrate!
    Don't leave these mares drunk and alone.

    17 Dragontown Graduation - ChiptuneBrony

    Spike visits Mina to her graduation at Dragontown in Fillydelphia before the picture.

    The dragons in the picture are my unnamed OCs, and never gonna name them, I guess.

    Four females (including Mina) and five males (excluding Spike) are the graduates.

    19 The Tinkerer's Graduation Day - Goggle Sparks

    Any pony who majors in Tinkering must use their own creation to obtain diploma on graduation day.

    20 Graduation - Taggerung

    The final day of the ATG has arrived, and what a journey it has been.

    I must first thank everyone who has shown their support throughout the month. You guys are amazing.
    I’ve seen this thing come and go past in previous years, and have for whatever reason avoided joining in. This year I decided to give it a try, even though I would started late, and have had a few bumps along the way, I am definitely glad to have participated. It’s been fantastic. Mad props to EQD particularly Calpain for hosting this event.

    I likely will come back and revisit some of the ideas I either want to expand or improve upon. But first a little rest.

    Even though the month is over, I fully encourage everyone try this, beginners and experienced alike. The prompts are all there, so give it a go at your own pace. You may surprise yourself.

    Art on, friends.

    21 Party in small circle - Ragmo

    Well, Cavemanpony graduated on ATG Day 17, it's time for a small party. He's feels very uncomfortable in crowds of pony, so he keeps it at a very small circle. They just sit together, tell some stories and enjoy each others company. Even though the cider is non-alcoholic it seems to have some strange effect on ponies :)
    I had a lot of fun during this ATG. It's the second one I attended, and I learned a lot, even though it was stressfull some days, when you (... or better: I) want to come up with something everyday over an entire month.
    I want to thank the EQD staff for an event that's made for basicly everyone who wants to create something, regardless of their skill-level. One month isn't a lot of time, but when you look at the first days of each ATG and compare them to the last days, you see nice improvements (especially from people who are fairly new to drawing or don't draw on a regular basis).
    I also want to thank ninjachristian for his helpfull critique throughout the

    22 ..Finally done! - MaiSky

    Thank you for motivating me!
    This year I managed to do all the prompts + the 3 makeup days were great to have!

    24 - Still Waters

    The Princesses at their own little party/gathering, catching up with eachother.

    25 Proud Pony - mafon2

    I missed on this event and not draw that very much lately, but wanted to take part in this grand finale!
    Friendship and magic to everyone.

    26 - Sharpshadow


    27 Senior Year - Equalizer (EQ)

    Sunset's graduated from Canterlot High and is gonna take a summer vacation in Equestria. Have fun while you're over there, Sunset!

    29 Eqd atg 7 day 30 - Cakestealer

    And so the ATG comes to an end. I would have done more for the final day but I have a ton of homework. I'm so happy that I managed to do a drawing for each day. I hope you enjoyed my drawings too. Peace.

    31 [MLP:FiM] Completion - Optic Rainfall

    A way to finish my involvement in the Artist Training Grounds VII.

    Thank you, Equestria Daily for this opportunity.

    33 Alicorn Party! - S.Guide

    Participating in ATG7 had its highs and lows, but it was all worth it. As with Princess Twilight here, the end of being a unicorn may yet signify a beginning of being something greater. Kudos to the participants and EQD staff (specifically, Calpain) for making this all happen. See you, space cowboy.

    34 Diplomacy Ya' Later! - Jake Lion

    A few minutes later, a letter from Princess Celestia

    "Congratulations Twilight!"

    35 - Mcee

    36 Party Hard - T72b


    37 ATG Day 30: Graduation!! - Snuggie88

    *gasp* An OC! Details in the Deviantart link.
    (I didn't complete all the prompts but I did a lot of them; that warrants graduation, right?)

    38 Graduation Day - Friends Forever(redraw) - EbonyCrystal1986

    Since the last prompt was the same as last year's, I decided to do another redraw, this time for the pic I did last year WITH some changes to see how much I've improved over the past year...and yeah I DEFINITELY prefer this one over last year's pic.(granted Spike's photoboming Rarity this time, but still at least he made it into the picture lol). ^ ^;;

    I'm definitely surprised by how far I've come in this year's ATGs, especially with my lineart and coloring over the past few weeks. I can't wait until next year to see myself improve even more and in the years to come! :3

    39 - Allonsbro

    What better way to end the ATG than by trying out my new sona.
    Thank you so much to Calpain and the EQD staff for making this such a fun event.
    Looking forward to next year!

    40 ATG Graduation - Ninjachristian

    We did it! Here is a picture containing my OC and the OCs of two others who have been doing the OCs. The OCs belong to the following people, from left to right: LennyStendahl13, ninjachristian(me), Kiikrinder. Thank you guys for letting me use your OCs! Congratulations to all of you who completed the ATG :D

    41 Artist Training Graduation - B.J. Dazzle

    Thank you Calpain, and anyone reading this really, for giving me a chance to participate in this event and checking out my amateur artwork.

    I love this fandom.

    42 ATG VII Day XXX: Pony Party - RizDub

    I very nearly made a giant graduation image combining multiple prompts. But then I didn't.

    43 The Happiest Day of Her Life - Moonlightfan

    *5 months later*
    "Welcome to Burger Queen, may I take your order?"

    44 - Scarfanon

    45 Luna graduating - Hailey

    Well, this is the last day! Great to have some so much needed drawing practice

    47 We end it today, but I'm waiting the next! :) - Axgar

    I really enjoyed this month! (even if I only drew 14 days) I hope you all keep drawing horses sjdksnjksnkj
    Waiting for the next ATG, and thanks for organize this, really loved! /)^//3//^(\

    PD: Sorry... bad rhyme :s I dont even talk english :v

    52 Graduation Jump - phallen1

    Even Trixie can get a license to skydive. All it took was a little focus, and some support from the very person she's been trying to outdo.

    I hope my gimmick for this ATG hasn't been *too* annoying.

    53 Graduation day, huh? - daExile

    Y'all about to graduate from this summer!

    57 Graduation - ZoneSystem

    Zephyr Breeze is happy to be graduating.

    I would like to thank Calpain and everyone else at Equestria Daily who worked to make this event happen. It has helped me get into a habit of drawing something every couple of days.

    58 Graduation day? - T72b

    HA! Who needs it?

    Second year doing this event, and I think I may have even improved a little from last year. I had a great amount of fun going through these prompts and trying to be creative with them. I look forward to next time, and future pony days.

    59 The End! - Neon Streak

    A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who've supported me this whole event. Thank you all! <3 i="">

    61 A rock congregation - Mister Twister

    For once, the greyscale fits perfectly.

    64 Graduation Day Selfies - MorphiusX


    65 Precious Fantasy of Camaraderie - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Grounds Prompt:
    Draw a pony chasing their dreams

    Resubmitted, since it wasn't featured on the Final Makeup Day.

    66 Doctor Stewart & His Golden Fox - MorphiusX

    Artist Training Ground Prompt:
    Drawing a pony doing whatever comes to your mind / Draw a pony doing something you've never drawn before.

    Resubmitted, since it wasn't featured on the Final Makeup Day.

    67 ATG VII Graduation! - Heartly Rosalie

    I had a lot of fun!

    68 NATG YEEEEEES! - KrashTooMuchBatHorse42

    We did it! Congrats to everyone who has done the impossible of drawing cartoon horse EVERY SINGLE DAY! (Insert One Punch Man here)
    See you awesome people next year! I'm sure by then we will all take the "N" out of NATG!

    69 Hero Gachapony - thattagen

    It was my plan all along! Let's stuff this party of ponies into a mobile game!

    71 Villain Gachapony - thattagen

    It was my plan all along! Let's stuff this party of ponies into a mobile game! Do you like the heroes or villains better?

    73 Sigraduation - Sigmath Bits

    Happy graduation day, everypony!

    75 - Zeta

    76 Back to Business - Huffy26

    I actually learnt a lot more than I thought I would this time around, but I guess it does helped that I'm getting better with using reference materials and certain techniques.

    77 The Valedictorian - Binky T.

    So.. this is it. It's been one he'll of a ride with everybody. I only got less than 10 minutes so I'll be quick. The image here is of my sona, Binky in an outfit based off the one I wore at my graduation. Valedictorian scarf and everything. Thank you for EQD for a wonderful Artist Training Grounds this year, and to the people of Derpibooru for joining me in the ride. Until then, see you all again in 2018.
    -Binky T.

    78 - Taurson

    79 ATG [Day 30] Graduation! - BluestFlames

    This is for the Artist Training Grounds On Equestria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony party.

    So I drew Violet's and her college friends graduation day!

    80 Game Note has a hat - Franzyd

    It is a nice hat.

    Wait, I thought the ATG ended already, I did my speech on the previous day
    Oh well.

    81 Going Out With a Blast - HalflingPony

    Well done everyone! Here's a message for all my fellow participants!

    Twitter: Calpain