• The My Little Pony Movie in Germany is Looking for Dubs

    The german dub for the My Little Pony Movie is currently seeking dubbers according to a post on the official My Little Pony Friendship Club over there. Apparently people between 5 and 15 are being invited to voice two characters.

    Can you also hardly await the theater premiere of "My Little Pony - the Film" that comes in October? And have you always dreamed of being a part of the My Little Pony world? Then you now have the special chance: come to the casting and win a small voice acting role for one of the residents of Ponyville! Hasbro, in cooperation with Tobis and Toys R Us, is searching for two kids between the ages of 5 and 15 years old, to lend their voices to the two inhabitants of Ponyville! Of course, you're both invited along with your parents and one best friend to come see the film's premiere in October!

    Thanks to  Ayu for the heads up.

    UPDATE: Added a improved translation by Rhe7orical