• Brony Thank You Fund Continues Discount Buttons at BronyCon

    The team over at Brony Thank You Fund is once again running a discount button event for BronyCon. A bunch of artists around the fandom have signed up to join in on the charity shenanigans. Head on down below the break for infos!

    It happens at every con we go to. The tragedy of over-payment. Time after time, bronies come up to us after buying tons of merchandise in the vendor hall, only to find out that they could have saved tons of cash if they had stopped by our table first. "Oh noes," they exclaim, "but I have already spent all my monies! I am such a fool!"

    Don't be this person at BronyCon! Be a smart shopper and stop by the Brony Thank You Fund table (#218) before you buy anything else. For just a $5 donation, you'll get one of our ultra-kwaii "I HELPED BUCK CANCER" buttons, featuring our mascot Charity. Every place you see one of our "show your button here and save" signs, you'll save big bucks on swag. Last year, over half the vendors in the hall offered discounts to attendees wearing our buttons. Some discounts could save you twice the cost of the button, or more! And 100% of your donation goes to fight cancer through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

    Of course, while you're at our table, be sure to check out our 2018 "Ponies Though History" calendar, just $13 (button included!)

    Here's just some of the discounts you can receive this year at BronyCon:
    Geeky Chic Accessories - 5$ off purchases of $35.00 or more
    10art1 - Free TSSSF card from Browser Pony set
    EquinePalette Arts - 10% off total purchase up to $10
    The Plush Parlor - Roll 2 6-sided dice to get the percent off. Lowest discount is 5%.
    Snuggle Trumpet Designer Vinylwear - $1 off any dice bag
    Emberfall Plush - $10 off any large plush, free patch with any purchase over $20
    War Pony Sweater Forge - Free coordinating tote bag with custom coat order
    Sciggles - Limited number wooden badges with any $20 purchase at out booth
    KefkaFloyd Art & Lights - Bonus Free Items
    JenKiwi - Free Bronycon Thank-You Fund exclusive button and 10% off sales > $20!