• GalaCon 2017 Livestreams

    GalaCon is right around the corner. If you are not able to come over to Ludwigsburg this weekend Galacon has got you covered with several livestreams of the event.

    Find the full information below the break.

    You really would like to, but you can not attend GalaCon yourself in person for one reason or another? That’s a shame, really. But, don’t fret, with help from our friends at BronyRadioGermany we got you covered with live streams.
    As every year, we will live stream the big panels and events happening in our main hall. These are the opening ceremonies, panels with our guests of honor, the cosplay contest, and the charity auction, amongst others. Please check the time table for details.
    And as every year, the highlight of GalaCon is the Gala Ball and the Gala Party on Saturday evening. This year means no exception – but one detail: Brony Radio Germany will do a live broadcast of these events! Our team will be at GalaCon for you to live stream both, the Gala Ball and the Gala Party alternating in a special live broadcast.
    So even if you can’t make it to GalaCon you can listen to Michelle Creber, Gabriel Brown (aka BlackGryph0n), Ashleigh Ball, Kazumi Evans and Vocal Score mesmerizing the crowd and 4everfreeBrony, Waranto Wingbeat, Joel Cirkel and again, Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n rocking the party stage. You can listen to the live stream at www.bronyradiogermany.com have a great time at GalaCon or listen to our livestream!
    Have a great time at GalaCon or watch and listen to our live streams.