• First "My Little Pony" HASCON Convention Exclusive Merchandise Revealed… Kinda

    Hasbro has sent out the presser for the first My Little Pony Exclusive of Hascon! And it's a box! Just what's in the box? My Little Pony Goodness of course, but what is in there? The description given for it is both exact and vague.

    There are exclusive Hascon MLP Youth shirts in there, but the design is a surprise. There's a Pony Friends Figure, a Mini Plush Seapony, Stackems, a Pen & Journal combo, Activity books, a tumblr, and a "My Little Pony: The Movie - Friends and Foes", which aside from the book we have no idea if it's an item exclusive to the convention or not. Though considering that this box only cost $19.99 USD, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the majority of it is stuff either already on retailer shelves or soon to be released worldwide.

    I happen to know a disadvantaged family through work whose daughter LOVES MLP, so I'll probably pick this up for her.

    You can check the full description out after the break. Don't forget to check out our updated Guide to Hascon!

    My Little Pony Box
    Company: Hasbro
    Booth: # TBA
    Price: $19.99
    Description: This special edition MY LITTLE PONY BOX features a range of products that everypony will love packaged together in a decorative MY LITTLE PONY box. The box includes a MY LITTLE PONY HASCON youth t-shirt (sized small, medium or large), plus a MY LITTLE PONY Pony Friends figure, a MY LITTLE PONY Mini Plush Seapony, Tech 4 Kids’ MY LITTLE PONY themed Stackems, MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE pen and journal from Innovative Designs, a Bendon Grab ‘n’ Go Play Packs, a tumbler from Zak Designs, and a “My Little Pony: The Movie - Friends and Foes” book from Little Brown.