• Thank You For the Overwhelming Support!

    A few days ago, I posted up an  article about the struggles we are facing with the shortened season and general attrition over time. It was primarily meant to inform on what we are dealing with as a pony news site and gather ideas from the fandom at large.

    I'll be honest, that post was sitting in limbo for a good week. I fought with myself over publishing it up or not and redid it a bunch of times. I really suck at asking for help, and was nervous about the response something like that would get. Thankfully, you all threw those worries out the window. I never expected it to get so much support!

    I've gotten boatloads of emails from people all over the fandom with awesome advice, ideas on what we can do, and general good vibes that help a ton. I can barely keep up with all of them. Even the EQD Patreon got a whopping 29 new patrons. 

    I'm going to keep gathering ideas and hopefully do a followup on what we want to do going forward. Thanks again for all the support. I still can't even believe it. It makes me feel so good that you all are so willing to help!

    Calpain: There isn't much more I can add that Seth hasn't covered here or that I said in the comments of the article a couple days ago except to once again express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. Whether it was well wishes, ideas, or direct support through turning off AdBlock for us or signing up for our Patreon it made me smile to see all of the support. Often times it can get discouraging when, over time, you don't hear how much a site matters to its viewers and I feel that, all else considered, your comments have given us a jolt of inspiration and happiness during this stressful time.

    I haven't seen the emails Seth has received since the post went up but I'm sure we'll be discussing as a team the suggestions you all sent in!

    EqD has always been an amalgam of us staffers and the countless folks in the community that send us amazing things each day to share with everyone. It's support like this that proves that this relationship is still strong and while either side, staffers or the community, will waver from time to time I'm confident it will lead to a long future for EqD regardless of what comes our way!