• Slighty Different Synopsis Arrive for the Three Equestria Girls Specials!

    The Equestria Girls specials had a big reveal a few days ago, but a new set of synopsis from out of Poland are revealing a bit more for each. These are about one sentence longer, so don't expect anything too groundbreaking. It's still worthy of checking out if you can't wait though!

    Get them below.

    Dance Magic

    Rarity find out about competition for the best music video. As a reward it won't be only showing music video on TV but also renovation of Camp Everfree. Friends from Canterlot decided to take the challenge and make great choreography. Unfortunately they find out that they will have to rival with Crystal Prep which have won many dance competitions. Do Equestria Girls will be able to make winning video?

    Movie Magic

    Equestria Girls are invited for the film set for the new Daring Do movie.
    Rainbow Dash's dream came true but when very rare and important stage prop disappear the recordnings are paused and Rainbow Dash's dream became nighmare.
    Friends from Ponyville decided to find missing item and became characters from Daring Do movie in real life.

    Mirror Magic

    Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria to find a new journal.
    In her absence, looking for get revenge Juniper Montage found a beautiful magical mirror that could not only teleport the ponies to another universe but also make them disappear trapped between the two worlds.
    Suddenly Mane 6 disappear.
    Do Sunset Shimmer will discover the secrets of the mirror and save the Equestria Girls?

    Thanks to Robert and Piotr for the heads up.