• Story: Practical Nightmares Only

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Impossible Numbers
    Description: Golden Harvest very much likes to think of herself as the sensible mare of the earth. She's certainly not one for breaking a perfectly good daily routine: give Dinky a hot meal, take care of the carrots, try to remember when she last had lunch...
    Unfortunately, it's Nightmare Night coming up, and she's going through one of the least productive (and therefore least profitable) months of the year. So of course Muffins takes the chance to ask her for help with something she should've done last week. And yes, she does need it ready for tonight, and no, she has no idea how to actually go about it.
    However, Muffins is a mare on a mission, a pony with a plan. And there's nothing more terrifying than that, even on Nightmare Night.

    Practical Nightmares Only

    Additional Tags: "Nightmare" Night Is About Right