• A Bunch of People Around the Fandom Review - Fluttershy Leans In, Forever Filly, and Parental Glidance

    Things are a bit of a mess on this end due to the flood of episodes each week. The analysis community continues onward though, with reviews of each. Some are waiting for US, others Canada. We are going to combine them.

    Below the break, get reviews of each of the last episodes.

    [1] Source

    FLUTTERSHY LEANS IN! - Review and analysis - Po Nee Cast by Manchild Inc.

    [2] Source

    QUICK Review: Fluttershy Leans In by The Mounty Pony

    [3] Source

    On second look Fluttershy leans in by Rotkopfbrony redhatbrony

    [4] Source

    Bronimaniacs Discuss Episode 13: Fluttershy Leans In by Venomous Pie

    [5] Source

    Fluttershy Leans In Review by MrLeftTurn

    [6] Source

    Fluttershy Leans In & Advocating For Your Vision by Omni Viewer

    [7] Source

    MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Fluttershy Leans In by MisAnthro Pony

    [8] Source

    BronyTrioRadio Podcast - Ep 26 "FlutterShy leans in" (SE7 EP5) by BronyTrioRadio

    [9] Source

    MLP Review: Fluttershy Leans In by Sharp Wit

    [10] Source

    MLP Review: Fluttershy Leans in by Star Gear

    [11] Source

    Watchful Watchung- Fluttershy Leans In (And Why The Moral Is Not That Bad) by thewatchfulpony

    [12] Source

    My Little Reviews: Rock Solid Friendship by ILoveKimPossibleAlot

    [13] Source

    Rock Solid Friendship analysis by Fatmanfalling Talks About Ponies

    [14] Source

    MLP Review: Rock Solid Friendship by Sharp Wit

    [15] Source

    Rock Solid Friendship & Fluttershy Leans In Review | PONES N STUFF by The CC Network

    [16] Source

    On second look Forever Filly by Rotkopfbrony redhatbrony

    [17] Source

    "Forever Filly" Review by DRWolf001

    [18] Source

    Sketchy's Season 7 Review Roundup - April by Sketchy (the) Changeling

    [19] Source

    SWEETIE BELLE IS GROWN. - Po Nee Cast - S7Ep6 - Forever Filly by Manchild Inc.

    [20] Source

    Forever Filly analysis by Fatmanfalling Talks About Ponies

    [21] Source

    Pat reivews mlp s7 ep6 by Patrick Rowberry

    [22] Source

    "Parental Glideance" Review by DRWolf001

    [23] Source

    Parental Glidence review [MLP FIM] by MaiSky

    [24] Source

    Parental Glideance analysis by Fatmanfalling Talks About Ponies

    [25] Source

    Pony Analogies - "All Bottled Up Review" by EG Studios