• Patreon Celebration - May - Octavia Plays~


    I always did love me some Tavi. In a world where all the ponies are hyper colorful with wild manes and tails, she's like a beacon of normalcy that still makes pony look incredibly good.

    It's that time of the month once again for patreon madness, and the submissions for the celebration post are in! With how crazy this season schedule is this year, it's going to help more than ever when we run out of episodes earlier than usual. You guys are the best really. Thank you so much for supporting the site! 

    If you still have rewards to claim, hit up the EQD Patreon page and send it a message!  It's never too late to claim.

    Anyway, celebration time! Go get a ton of Octavia and submissions below!

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Specially Trained Derp

    Tim - "Season 7 has been pretty good so far."

    Maldoras - "Two episodes a week means double work for EQD Staff, noice!"

    Shadowkrosser - "The sole purpose of power is to serve, protect, and defend those who lack it."

    Luster - "New episodes and a flood of fandom content means now is a great time to introduce people to the show. Is there someone you know who could use more pony in their life?"

    Fission - "BOOM"

    Frith -
    Though fillies there be 
    Who never foresee 
    That the future holds anything pleasant; 
    Who grimly cast 
    Their eyes on the past, 
    And who gaze all aghast at the present! 
    The golden rule 
    For sage or fool, 
    For princess and pony and peasant, 
    Is, come what may, 
    At work or play, 
    To live, just live for today!

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Niels Olof - "Finally Spring"

    Ashley - "Spring is finally here, time to enjoy the outside, apart from Saturday cartoon horse time"

    Zaxman - "If Pharah had a Derpy skin, I'd solely play her all the time"

    Post a Video!


    Forsaken Castle is a 16-bit style, action exploration platformer, about a paladin and her fight against evil.

    Inspired by classic metroidvania games, you will discover new abilities, fight deadly creatures, and explore a handcrafted world created in a retro pixel art style.

    All Other Tiers!

    BANNERIZER Lyra - Lahirien "Do not use the Royal Canterlot Voice in conjunction with a microphone. Doing so may result in damage to speaker systems and/or eardrums."

    Random 10 - Ryan - "Finals this week and than i can go back to obsessing over pony! yay!"

    Patreon Chat - Ajnrules - "I love Rainbow Dash!"

    Xinef - "I need 50 megatons of hugs for Fluttershy's birthday... anyone knows a good supplier?"

    Octavia Dance Party