• Parental Guidance - A Derpy Evolution?

    For those of you who watched the Canadian episode today you might have noticed something quite interesting in the background with a certain bubbly pegasus: could we be seeing the evolution of Derpy?

    Check out what I mean after the break and thanks to Zapplebow for the heads up!

    Stay away from after the break if you don't want anything spoiled from the episode even though it is just a background element!

    The scene in question of course is when Rainbow Dash is retelling her past to Scootaloo and how hard she had to try over multiple competitions to get to the top. Each time we saw Rainbow rising in the ranks we also got to see how the other fillies and colts were doing as well, including our little Derpy.

    Watch the eyes closely - Source

    That's right! As time went on our little bubble horse became more and more cross-eyed! Maybe that can explain why later on we see her in the hospital in 'Where the Apple Lies' as a teenager.

    Isn't it amazing how even the background elements of pony episodes can stitch together a possible story?

    Anyhow! Discuss what you think about all of this in the comments!

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