• "Parental Glideance " Episode Follow-up

    Wow. Rainbow Dash's parents really did collect everything for their daughter's trophy room. 

    I hope everyone had a good time with yesterday's BRAND NEW EPISODE of My Little Pony!

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    Do these three think a slingshot is going to be strong enough to sent the Canadian Closed Captioning box into orbit? Or is Scootaloo trying to fly again? To earn her cutie mark…

    Something about that doesn't sound right.

    And they set up a ramp… 

    …which is aimed clearly at Cloudsdale. The one city in Equestria the CMC could never possibly travel too on their own.

    And she is on her scooter. Which will go off the ramp. And send a destructive force of nature called a  Cutie Mark Crusader right into the heart of a city made of clouds.

    Apple Bloom: Are we sure we should be doing this?

    Scootaloo: Why shouldn't we?

    Sweetie Belle Because Twilight told us if we ever "slipped the surly bonds of Equestria, put out our hooves, and touch the face of Celestia" she'd banish us to the sun?

    Scootaloo: Pffft. Like that will ever— 


    These two were wondering if they could convince Twilight Scootaloo acted on her own. Unfortunately they realized to get away with it they'd have to trick the pony lie detector: Applejack.

    Yeah, they're toast and they know it.

    This is probably one of the few times Scootaloo has ever soared through the sky. Only she's not soaring, but falling. 

    With style. 

    Today will be long remembered. It has seen a chicken fly, and will soon see the end of a city made of clouds.

    A push lawn… cloud… what… okay. Yeah. I don't know how clouds could grow like a lawn, but I am glad it stopped before Scootaloo got weed wacked.

    Is that… no it can't be.

    That hair… 

    That cutie mark and tail… 

    *see below for my reaction*


    Windy Whistles: Honey, what's going on?

    Bow Hothoof: A rabid chicken found it's way onto our front lawn.

    Windy Whistles: That doesn't explain the girlish screaming.

    Bow Hothoof: That was me when I found it.

    Before we start to really get into the episode—I say this at eighteen images in HA!—I do want to say that I love Windy Whistles's design. The fact she is Rainbow Dash with a different mane and tail style really works in this case.

    I am also highly impressed by Maddie Peter's lung capacity. Dear lord, I don't think she took a breath while squeeing as long as she did in this scene. 

    …feathers can be used as ear plugs. Is there anything that a human hand can do that these wings can't? What's next? Are we going to get a wingshake in this episode? 

    We only get to see the lining room for this short scene, but judging by the bookcase in the back, someone is a huge fan of Princess Celestia.

    I get the feeling this collectible plate collection goes back over 1,000 years. I wonder how much the first plate in the collection is worth…

    Scootaloo mouth drew that cover. And she is freaking adorable when she is holding the book, can she get any more cute?

    The answer is yes. Yes she can. She's even biting her lower lip as she smiles… how do you do that?

    Seriously, how do you do that? Cause I can never pull it off.

    …ripping open a buttoned shirt a la Clark Kent to be—

    I know that T-shirt.   

    It's Rainbow Dash's EQG T-shirt. How the heck did you get that shirt?

     Windy Whistles: Ask us no questions, and we'll tell you no lies.
    And apparently Scootaloo wants one.

    I want one too, dang it! 

    And she's borrowing Featherweight's camera for the duration of her trip to Cloudsdale. Which has apparently been upgraded to a Polaroid since the last time we saw it.

    LOOK AT THIS KITCHEN!!! OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING. THIS IS… that's a spiral staircase in the entryway. 

    That's a marble counter top. That's a tile floor. That's not a cheap oven. And that table only has two legs.

    Okay, I guess this confirms it. Rainbow's parents are loaded. 
    Also, their house is incredibly fleshed out for rooms that are only going to appear in these scenes and probably never again in the series. Over the course of the first 7 minutes of the episode, you really get a full picture of the place. Well done DHX!

    And that sandwich literally is the breakfast of champions. 

    Now Scootaloo, champions don't chew with their mouths open.

    Well yes Princess Twilight eats like a pig, but she's royalty and she can do whatever she wants.

    And we have an incredibly well designed hallway. With wall paper, and carpeting. And both trim and crown molding.

    And a textured ceiling made out of clouds.

    Can I live here? 

    And now we have pictures of Rainbow Dash as a baby! She is so adorable with a mohawk for a mane! 

    She even tied up her mommy when playing outside! And wore a Wonderbolt Sweatshirt when she had braces! Rainbow Dash is just way too cute!

    This is totally going to take her coolness factor and reduce it by one tenth.

    Could this possibly be?

    Apparently Scootaloo thinks so. 

    …this picture of a tortoise explains a lot about Rainbow's initial reluctance to adopt Tank, but then her complete 180 of affection after she gave in. 

    For she saw a tortoise every single day in her…

    Childhood Bedroom! Which has been left untouched since Rainbow Dash moved out of her parents house…

    …this is where the other shoe drops, isn't it?

    Scootaloo never made it to Cloudsdale. She never met Rainbow's parents, only the angels guarding the entrance to paradise. She now walks into the light ready to meet her maker. *sniffs*

    I am not crying. You're crying! I DIDN'T WANT THIS EPISODE TO END IN A FUNERAL! *cries*

    *sniff* And what does she discover in heaven? 

    The world's largest collection of Rainbow Dash memorabilia ever assembled by creatures on Equestria. Scootaloo knows she has led a life according to the teachings of Rainbow Dash. For she has now received her reward…

    Rainbow Dash's used diaper.

    Scootaloo's expression sums up everything, don't it. 

    How much would it cost to get a custom rug made to look like the one in this shot? I know you can get pre-put-together kits at Joann's Fabrics, but I am genuinely curious if it could be done.

    Eh, something else to add to the "Projects to do later in life" list.

    This wall scroll immediately reminds me of the cover art to a classic Rainbow Dash Song. Be sure to look for it at your next Brony Convention!

    Look at all those trophies! This is the ultimate shrine to the world's greatest Wolderbolt and Scootaloo knows it!

    …Either Rainbow didn't tell you two she achieved her dream or Scootaloo just revealed Rainbow adopted her as her little sister.

    In any case congrats, you have a daughter who doesn't involve you in her life!

    Yes Scootaloo, that's exactly the right attitude to take. Capture every moment on film…

    It will make the court case so much easier later.

    Scootaloo is channeling her inner Jenn Blake. I have to say this is a real good look for her. I hope we see more of it in the future.

    Windy Whistles: You know, it has been a while since we last saw Dashie.

    Bow Hothoof: We just saw her last week for your 50th—OUCH!

    Windy Whistles: We should go visit out daughter and congratulate her.

    Bow Hothoof: … did you really have to kick me?

    And here we find the prey of the Morbi Parente, the elusive Iris Offendas in it's natural habitat. 

    It has no idea it is being hunted by predators far more deadly than it could ever imagine.

    Surely the Wonderbolts have more bases around Equestria than just Wonderbolt Academy/Headquarters. They are a part of the EUP Guard. It is the height of foolishness to put all your military resources into one basket.

    Right. I'm talking about the incompetent and highly ineffective EUP Guard. Carry on.

    While I commend Scootaloo on sneaking Rainbow's parents onto a military base, I do have to wonder…

    Right. EUP Guard. Nevermind. 

    Also, those megaphones are a nice touch to really embarrass your daughter. You two have got this down to a science.

    Tough break, Rainbows. Your parents show up to embarrass you infront of the brass. Good thing the US Army was reformed into a kinder, gentler organization that no longer tolerates hazing.

    Oh wait, you're in Equestria, and the EUP Guard. Get ready to go through hell, Crash.

    Oh Rainbow, your hell is just beginning. Just wait until your mother finds out about your… 

    Windy Whistles: Oh my, Celestia! Soarin! I haven't seen you since Rainbow Dash made you eat her dust at the junior best flyers competition. Just look at you! *whistles* You've certainly filled out nice!

    Bow Hothoof: Ahem. Windy. Don't you think…

    Windy Whistles: Fleetfoot!

    Bow Hothoof: Of course not.

    Fleetfoot: Ms. Whistles! So good to see you again.

    Windy Whistles: Oh I doubt that. 

    Rainbow Dash: Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!

    …I wasn't serious about the wingshake! Why are pegasi so awesome?!

    And I realized I just answered my own question.

    …Spitfire is looking at me. She can see me.

    When did she become a disciple of the Pink One?! There is no other logical explanation.

    The amount of torture Rainbow Dash is going through in this episode has certainly given the animators plenty of reason to have her express a ton off different faces. I haven't really bothered calling them out since the winner by a mile is Rainbow Dash, and that is for something coming further down the line.

    Yeah, they were definitely having fun with this one.

    Spitfire: Fleetfoot.

    Fleetfoot: Yes, Captain.

    Spitfire: Execute plan "Participation Award."

    Fleetfoot: Yes, ma'am!

    Soarin: Spitfire, we were all kids when that happened. You aren't—

    Spitfire: Object to this, Soarin, and you'll lose your pie privileges.

    Soarin: —hiding a camera in your mane? We don't want to miss a second of this!

    Fleetfoot: Mr. Hothoof, sir. It is great to see you again!

    Fleetfoot: Did you know that Rainbow hasn't stopped talking about how great of a father you are, and how all of your cheering really shaped her into the successful mare she is today.

    Bow Hothoof: Really?!

    Rainbow Dash: Fleetfoot?! What are you—?

    Fleetfoot: She credits you with her success.

    Struggle all you want, Rainbow. You're not getting out of that bear hug!

    The wing work in this season has jumped leaps and bounds since last season. Here we see Rainbow Dash escorting a chicken to her frying pan. 

    I don't even know what the equivalent to this is in human gestures. I just love how expressive those wings are!

    So from Cloudsdale to Canterlot for the Wonderbolt's Derby! Where apparently the rich and snobbish are still going to be betting on this horse race. 

    Two things I noticed immediately about this scene.

    1) The press box has been gutted and turned into additional seating for the stadium.

    2) The TARDIS must be parked somewhere in town since The Doctor and Rose are right there! 

    This really is an impressive scrapbook Scootaloo has put together featuring Rainbow Dash—HOLD THE PHONE!!!

    That's an episode screenshot…

    So are those.

    And that one. In fact those four screencaps are all from the same episode! Wonderbolts Academy!

    That ridiculously smug grin most definitely is from Rarity Investigates

    As is the false accusation scene. 

    And that screenshot is the final short of Newbie Dash!

    How the heck did—

    Silver Quill now is not the time! We have 4th wall breaking shenanigans here! And since taking screenshots is beyond the Pink One's power that means…


    Rainbow Dash Winter Hat: $9.21 on Amazon.com

    Rainbow Dash Visor with Molded Rainbow Dash Head: Does Not Exist.

    Rainbow Scarf: $9.95 on Amazon.com

    Wonderbolts Sweatshirt by WeLoveFine: Sold Out.

    Now this ad is just not fair! Half of that stuff isn't for sale anymore/doesn't exist! How can we be Rainbow Dash super fans without it!

    Yeah, this seems about right when dealing with over enthusiastic fans. Also, Windy really looks like Rainbow with that gear on. 

    I am genuinely impressed the Wonderbolts were able to make that formation in the sky.

    Fireworks… during an airshow… aimed at the flyers. Yeah I can see how this is a good idea.

    The stallion is right to be concerned. I'm pretty sure firing a MORTAR from the grandstands is more than a little dangerous!
    For goodness sake, at least Pinkie Pie doesn't fire exploding projectiles out of her Party Cannon!

    Rainbow Dash: At least the crowd thinks this is part of the show…
    Soarin: Crash.
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah, Clipper?
    Soarin: Can you tell us who's your parent's suppliers? I have a few ideas for the next show.
    Spitfire: If they involve fireworks in the shape of pies, you can forget it.
    Soarin: But Spitfire! It would be amazing to fly through an exploding pie! 

    Hey! It's the peachfuzz unicorn from Stranger Than Fanfiction right behind Minuette and one pony before Lemon Hearts!

    So I take it Moondancer didn't want to go to the show?

    And here we have the Wonderbolts doing something that no sane celebrity would ever do.

    Sign autographs for free! Surely they know they can…

    Oh yeah. Military organization. Rules prohibit use of position for personal gain. Nevermind.

    Bow, what the heck are you doing with your shirt?

    Ah. Making a sports towel.

    Well, there is simply no way this can go wrong.

    And this right here is the best face in the whole episode. It cannot be denied! Rainbow's humiliation combined with her duty to do her job which forces that smile is a combination that simply cannot be denied!

    Though Rainbow's mortification when she realizes what she's done to Spitfire is a close second.

    Rainbow Dash: So… funny story—

    Spitfire: Can it, Crash. Just transition to the next scene.

     Rainbow Dash: Yes, ma'am.

    Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are certainly no slouches to be able to hold all that weight.

    What have they been doing to build up their—right. Cutie Mark Crusading.

    And now we have the facepalm. The only thing these wings haven't done in this episode is count. And what's the likely hood of seeing that?

    Don't answer that question.

    Huh. Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail are still in the Wonderbolt Academy. Guess they haven't washed out yet. Speaking of Wonderbolt Academy recruits, I wonder how some of the others have been doing?

    Apparently Tunderlane has been doing well. Since he's a Wonderbolt now!

    Gee, it's almost like if you follow certain background ponies you can almost knit a story out of their appearances.

    Much like what was posted and discussed about yesterday in Parental Glideance - A Derpy Evolution.

    Also, I do believe this is the first time we've seen Fleetfoot without her flight suit (or any clothes for that matter). Neat. 

    Rainbow Dash: I'm finally in the locker room. I can finally get a moment of peace and quiet. Peace and—

    Scootaloo/Windy Whistles/Bow Hothoof: Hey, Rainbow Dash!

    At first glance that look of smug amusement on Fleetfoot's face looks like it was lifted right off of Rainbow's in Daring Don't. I check and it's not, but it's still a wonderful expression.

    Much like Rainbow's here as she finally loses and it lays into her parents.

    Now Rainbow is using her wings to point… wait. Is she?

    Two. She is listing off point right now and using her wings to count off. 

    And three. Yeah we really have seen everything those wings can do.

    Also, it's really telling when you can see the interior of Rainbow's locker and you don't see a single picture of her family. 

    "Life has taught me that you can't control someone's loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn't mean they'll treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn't mean they'll value you the same…"

    "…Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be the people that you can trust the least."—Trent Shelton

    Scootaloo's face sums up the scene nicely here. And Josh Hamilton has really hit the nail on the head by building up to this scene from the very beginning.

    Rainbow Dash has not been a very good daughter, a very good mentor, or a very good person over the course of this entire episode. And that can be proven by deconstructing one particular line from the Rainbow earlier in the episode. 

    "Ugh! It's just my parents and I have a delicate relationship. I love them very much, and we're really close, but there's a reason I didn't tell them I'm a Wonderbolt! They can be a little bit... embarrassing."—Rainbow Dash

    I will leave the in depth analysis to the analysis community. However, I will say this. If you are really close to your family, and you truly love them, then there is no reason why you cannot tell them about your greatest accomplishments. Denying your family the chance to share in your accomplishment over a chance of embarrassment isn't a sign of love. It is a sign of selfishness. A sign of arrogance and stubborn pride.

    Furthermore, there is also no reason why you couldn't have told your family how you felt before the whole situation blew up.

    I wonder, Rainbow Dash, what is the memory behind this shot? Was it something embarrassing? A memory of a race or a victory were you lost but your parents treated you as the biggest star in the world? Or was it just them being with you.

    Had the scene ended here, I would have been perfectly happy with this episode. While not the best in the series, the moral is extremely well executed, and the characters are all easy enough to relate to for both kids and parents alike. There's just one problem with this scene that bugs more to no end.

    This expression right here. There is no justification for it. There is no logic in Rainbow's response here. The mare is angry. She just finished chewing out both her parents and her biggest fan for their unyielding support. Their tears make sense.

    And while it is a gut wrenching expression, the previous one better fit the tone of the scene, and the pacing of the story. Especially with how the very next scene opened up.

    Case in point, Rainbow is chasing after Scootaloo—with not a tear to be found in her eye—who is leaving the mesa based Wonderbolts Academy via her scooter… which is land based transportation. And the academy has nothing but sheer cliffs around its edges.
    …Scootaloo wasn't thinking very clearly was she when she started running from Rainbow.

    "Good news, Rainbow, you've taken F to a new level! I'm going to have to give you A SUPER F!"

    Yes, I cracked up like crazy when I saw who came in first place. It's almost like Derpy has a habit of beating the Mane 6 when they were children. Or at the very least in some way, shape of form interacting with them.
    Also, it looks like Rainbow Dash has known just about every single other Major Recurring Pegasus Character in the series since they were all fillies and colts. While getting kid designs for popular characters is neat and all, it kind of takes away from Rainbow looking up to at least half of them as idols.

    Can you spot who the non background characters are? Go ahead, I'll wait while you to and find them in this crowd shot.

    It can probably be a little difficult. What with all of these ponies wearing 80's clothes, having 80's hairstyles, and and wearing facepaint.

    What do you mean they're not? Clearly this is a flashback scene, and as Cheerilee establish back in season 1 everypony dressed like her.

    What do you mean that was disproved and she was the only one in Ponyville to dress like that? I'll have you know…

     11 contestants. 15 spectators. Yeah, this sounds about right for school sports events.

    "F! F's FOR EVERYONE!"
    Yeah, those participation ribbons/trophies kind of lost all meaning once everyone was getting them.

    It's interesting how Rainbow and Derpy were at one point equal flyers in terms of skill. I seriously wonder how Derpy would have turned out if her eyes didn't become what we know them to be.

    Then again, if her eyes were to have never crossed, we would have never known Rarity's deep dark origin story.

    Lightning Dust: I'll never forgive you for this, Rainbow Dash. Mark my words, I will defeat you some day!

    Now these are clearly pictures, and not screenshots of pervious episodes. Just look at Dashie in the tub! Getting her #1 Bath Taker Trophy!

    And her Blue Ribbon for best carrot eater! Eat that carrot, Dashie! Just look at you eat with your adorable buck tooth! It's like you're a rabbit!

    And now her ribbon for best Nap Taker! Which was probably more of a sign of relief for her parents, since babies tend to keep their parents up at all hours of the night!

    By the way, she's the Undisputed World Champion in  Equestria's Professional Napping League. Yes, it is an official recognized championship signed into law by Princess Celestia some 200 years ago.
    That was around the time Equestria's Professional Cake Eaters Association was also created, of which Princess Celestia still the reigning champ.

    Clearly Scootaloo is not impressed by Rainbow's laziness ability to sleep on command.

    There's a lot of psychological debate—not to mention different social/religious stances and personal preferences—about when it is appropriate to apologize and furthermore whether you should apologize at all. For me, apologizing comes down to one very simple idea: you are taking ownership/responsibility for the actions that you took which hurt someone.

    When things go wrong, people in general don't like to take responsibility for it. They blame someone else, they blame something else, they blame everything except for themselves for their own shortcomings. This is natural. No one likes getting into trouble, and quite frankly we'd all rather take responsibility/credit for the things in our lives that do go our way. To truly own your actions is not an easy thing to do.

    Furthermore, just saying your sorry because someone is upset without understanding the reasons why they are upset is a meaningless social platitude designed to make the person apologizing feel better, rather than resolve the situation. It's easy to apologize for "hurt feelings my actions may of caused you." You're not taking responsibility for your actions. You're being condescending to the "offended party" by apologizing for their "hurt feelings" over the matter, without apologizing/taking responsibility for the offence itself. It really is hard to truly feel or express sorrow and remorse for what you've done, and not simply because you were caught doing it.

    To be truly contrite is something rare. It is something ridiculed in today's society. But to admit when you are wrong, have done wrong, and truly wish to make things right is a true act of strength. It took a lot of guts for Rainbow Dash to do this. And I couldn't be prouder of her.

    After this point, I'm annoyed those wings aren't scooping the popcorn out of those thing.

    Hey! Spitfire's tail is still cut short!

    I wonder how long it's going to stay like that in the series…

    I've seen the look on these two before from my own parents when they were watching me. It's a nice feeling seeing parental pride shine like that.

    Oh sure, the other Wonderbolts are solid colors, but Rainbow just had to show off and still be multicolored.

    How the heck did the Wonderbolts learn this routine in the single afternoon? I know they're the best flyers in Equestria, and managing clouds is something all Pegasi have innately in their magic, but come on! Not even Rainbow Dash could pull off all of her tricks on the first go!

    A damaged family has started to heal. It's not going to be a quick process. It's not going to be an easy one, and we're probably not going to see most of it, but just seeing this right here feels oh so good.

    And of course it was a moment captured for posterity! Apparently that last scene was shot through the lens of Scootaloo's camera.

    Wow Cheerilee, this is a huge improvement over the number of speaking appearances you had last season. And the season before that. You're at two speaking roles for the season now! Keep that up, and you might be able to break your all time record of four speaking appearances in a given season!

    Like mother, like daughter. It's good to see Rainbow embracing her family for what they are.

    Now I want all of that Scootaloo gear!

    Also, does anyone know what the Vector Calculus equation on the chalkboard is?

    One more thing, is that photo of Celestria on the schoolhouse wall new? Cause it's a nice shoutout to those pictures of George Washington that seem to adorn every single history classroom in the country.

    Uh Rainbow, this is a school house. You are not a student or a legal guardian of a student. I know you want to show your support for Scootaloo, but this is technically breaking and—

    Okay you're giving her a hug. That's nice Rainbow Dash now please—

    I'm pretty sure this is the fastest Scootaloo has ever moved in her life. Leaving a dustcloud in the shape of your body is not an easy feat.

    Scootaloo got a B on her assignment, but over the course of this episode she got something much more valuable. A family which truly believes in her. And sees her as the most important being in the world.

    So how did Featured Voice Performers Sarah Edmondson and Jason Deline do as the parents of Rainbow Dash? Well, in this episode follow-up writer's completely biased opinion, they were pretty much perfect.

    I enjoyed this episode immensely, and hope you all did as well!

    This has been The Illustrious Q. Till next time everyone!