• Equestria Girls Special Followup: Dance Magic

    We Are Borg here with our very first follow-up for the Equestria Girls specials. Airing this past Sunday on Poland's teleTOON+, "Dance Magic" is the first of three EqG Specials to come. Because my Polish isn't up to snuff (read: don't know a word being spoken) I watched a version with English subs. What's neat about this Special is that it features a song by the same name that was created at the same time as "Friendship Games" and is included on the movie's soundtrack.

    Join me below for a whole lot of Rarity, Spike's canine hunting face, more mall shots than Left4Dead, and what I hope are accurate English translations.

    Edit: "Dance Magic" takes place after Legend of Everfree as confirmed by this book. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out!

    So before we start, let me apologize for the outrageous amount of pictures I have included. I have no self-restraint. If you were hoping for some sort of deep moral, I suggest "Forever Filly" instead because this special is mostly just silly fun with a song. I mean maybe there's a moral lesson about how there's always a moment to work together towards a common goal even if those involved don't always see eye to eye, but I prefer the alternate which is "Work with your enemies when it benefits you." 

    Anyway, enough of that onto the first episode of Equestria Girls The Series the limited set of specials.

    Welcome to Equestria Girls. Please make yourself at home, our Pinkie Pie is weird too. I wonder how much money they blew on that banner, and it's confusing potential customers that they're going to pelt their cars with horseshoes. 

    Sweet Principal Celestia, Big Mac has done some muddin'. Look at that bumper!

    I have questions about this, the logistics to be specific. What sort of demon heat ray is that that can dry a car from that far away and both sides? Is there a Mane-iac in this world who makes godly blow dryers? And battery powered no less?

    Workin' at the car wash, yeah! Big Mac, your truck is garbage, dude. It looks twice as old as you. I would expect a teenage Big Mac to have some sort of ignorant dually with a pair of big stacks.  

    Oh right Twilight, she's a character, right? Such good friends... who just now noticed Twilight missing.

    The old tumbleweed trope. For those of you who don't get it, no pony one would ever let a bunch of cute high schoolers touch their ride. Like ever. What is wrong with this universe? Also if you haven't caught on, they are trying to raise money for Camp Everfree, thus this special takes place an estimated 1 to 3 months prior after. (Thanks for pointing that out!)

    No Rarity, you probably just have a "dress idea." I'm really surprised they have only tried dog walking, a bake sale, and a car wash. If only they had some unified skill they could charge for. Like a concert or something... 

    Roll credits...

    Rarity, Angela is not that bad. You need to give her a chance. Same producer as Legend of Everfree. Coincidence? I think not. Angela was also the Production Manager for seasons 1-4, is a piece of trivia for you.

    I don't know about you but my mall never did stuff like that. Though to be fair, in the age of declining mall health, I'm surprised my mall can stay open. Probably why they are doing this contest then. They'll get rights to the song and video and use it as a commercial to attract millennials. 

    Out of the corner of your eye, you see them, Shia LaBeouf Crystal Prep. I feel bad about reusing jokes....

    ...Just kidding.

    Also yes, long time no see, like since 2015 in Friendship Games. Also, Yay, some background ponies, humanoids. That's Ringo from Flash Sentry's band and plays bass. He also has the sort of pencil mustache that he thinks looks cool but really makes the girls throw up in their mouths a little.

    Yes, I know this is literally the next line but it's important to helping place this special. Essentially, "Friendship Games" occurs in the same school year as this special.

    I wonder what Shining Armor is up to. I wonder how Twilight would feel if her principal was still her sister-in-law? Actually what sort of kid says this line about a principal? Was Draco like "Everything's been going perfectly since Snape became the Headmaster" ? Crystal Prep is just Slytherin house.

    Way to be observant there, Wooden Toaster Lemon Zest. She's really just playing a scratch off and used this table for convenience. Actually, I think 'Rarity-totally-hates-her-green-hair' Zesty is my favorite of the Crystal Prep Crew.

    Que evil expressions. Also is that a pip-boy on her arm?

    Said no one not awkwardly ever. Also Lyra and Bon Bon. 

    After a jump to the familiar EqG music room, Twilight has a sad moment realizing no one at Crystal Prep is really her friend. Too bad there aren't any new friends there to cheer her up.

    Spike the dog experiences ASMR.

    "...I'm pregnant.." Nope. Whoops, sorry that's my wife. Back to the show...

    Actually, let's just gloss over the entire discussion and groupthink that went into letting Rarity just generously spend all their money. Reckless teenagers these days, I tell ya.

    What is the theme here? Like I need to know. Did Pinkie do this? Also, I don't know about you, but I doubt these girls are certified to use a scissor lift. Oh, wait. They just rocked out a little until Rainbow and Yellow Quiet got wings. 

    Painfully awkward by design. Don't sweat it, girls. I would be that awkward in heels too.

    This is how I look at Seth when he reviews the SDCC exclusive before I do.

    Lol. I bet you wish you could do some hand wiggling. You and pony Lyra have a common interest. 

    Today on 'Dancing with the Stars', we have late 80s Rainbow Dash and Salsa dancer Sunset Shimmer.

    Oh, look it's Discord Pinkie being Pinkie Discord

    Said Rarity, literally every second of every day!

    Lyra is making eye contact because we all know she came through the mirror and is living her dream of having hands and legs.

    I regularly say this whenever I'm in a convention's vendor hall. They manage to get every last dime from me.

    Okay, this universe is weird for me because if someone were to do this in my mall, the mall cops would have so much fun shutting it down. Cool fountain though. I feel like it's a little too forced a meeting to have Rarity just happen upon the Crystal Prep girls practicing their thing. Especially when we see them practicing at their school later.

    What teenager's room is this clean? For real? Also, EqG Rarity isn't far-sighted.

    Thank Luna for cell phones and text messages. Also, Pinkie Pie has played too much Splinter Cell. 

    It's a Rarity episode so we get the full range of marshmallow mare emotions. Tabitha St. Germain is rocking this episode. What are with those wall decorations? Can I expect Hasbro to come out with those later? The MLP home design collection, coming this Fall.

    Wow, Spike so wants to eat that cat! This shot and the next, he is seconds from pouncing on her. I've seen that look in the eyes of my husky. "You probably squeak if I bite you."

    "A complete failure!" Like Hasbro's ability to turn this into a legitimate television show.

    I lot of parallels between this and 'Forever Filly": mascara running, tears, mucus. 

    Ahahahahaha. Okay, is this a tongue and cheek joke about moral lessons taught in children's television? It must be.


    Google Maps confirmed to not be in EqG land. Must have Apple maps. I find it odd everyone just agrees to let Rarity try and convince these other girls to not plagiarize them. Could that ever go well?

    Wouldn't they stick out like sore thumbs without uniforms? I bet know Pinkie would be better at this. We'd get the full range of cartoon sneaking gags. 

    This is so adorkable. It's great to see some good old-fashioned Twilight Sparkle.

    I'm surprised there aren't more jabs at Twilight for having been a monster. Sunset had to endure that for like, ever after she went in demon mode. 

    Like redesigning and relaunching your toy line as something sellable? Too soon?

    What upsets me about this shot is that Pinkie IS STANDING ON A PIANO! Have some respect for expensive musical instruments! Her chocolate Twilight's Castle looks damn tasty though. Is it an ominous sign when Pinkie eats it?

    This is how lice are spread in schools.

    Just take a moment to enjoy the outfits for this scene. Lots of detail. Also a home ec. lab? Are those still a thing or did Tumblr kill them all?

    Such a vivid and hungry imagination. Pinkie has no issues with shared hallucination fritters. 

    Okay yeah, as a person from Texas, Rainbow's outfit is pushing a line. It's just not tasteful, unlike those apple fritters.

    Rarity is always fashionable. I look forward to some more Daring Do EqG in the future.

    Who's that Pokemon?

    It's Ahuizotl!

    I love that we have a theme with Pinkie Pie's imagination in that it is completely off the wall. This actually could very well be a legit music video.

    I...don't even...

    After Rarity's freak out about her friends' stupid ideas, she does what any teenager would do and run away and eat something. Everyone wave to Octavia. Looks like a chicken burger.

    Tears and ice-cream. A Rarity specialty. 

    Oh and the truth comes out. The villains from the previous movie are being villainous in order to win. Busted.

    It's actually nice to see Rarity execute a great plan. When she knows the subject and situation completely, she's actually really good at getting things done.

    This setup has a much better look and feel. No idea how she managed to do it but it's gonna be one heck of a music video. Anyway, you were talking about a plan, Rarity?


    Yeah, they are not impressed. I wouldn't be either honestly. Well after some initial tensions the song starts and quite a song it is. Dance Magic, and it's electric...

    It's Morphin' Time!

    I like the very subtle changes to basically the same costume that she had before that really make it stand out now, like the shoulder ridges-which are now pointy and the arm bracers are longer.

    Ah, so this Twilight can dance, unlike the other one. How fortunate. I wonder, how many takes did they have to do in order to transform? Also, this Twilight probably thinks she's just a pegasus like Rainbow Dash, since she had never been a pony herself. I wonder if Sunset Shimmer has sat her down and filled her in.

    Rainbow is sooo cool. Also, did she manage to pierce her pony ears? Also, these Crystal Prep girls are fairly comfortable around these people that have ears and wings poppin' out of them. I would nope my way out of there so fast if people started sprouting extra limbs.

    Pinkie's part is probably the best, visually, out of the whole song. Pinkie just makes everything better. Also, the graffiti they have going is kinda awesome as well. 

    Pants on backward. Thanks, Kris Kross. I'm glad that trend never caught on.

    Their lighting engineer is a god. 

    Night of the Living Dead (1968 colorized)

    Yay Rarity did it! With production value like that, it's no wonder they couldn't justify an EqG show won the competition. Also, that TV aspect ratio hurts my soul.

    And they can all be friends now...

    ...or at least scheme together some more for fun and profit.

    And that's a wrap. I know I enjoyed this even after watching it 15 times in Polish. I bet the next set will be just as fun.

    Let me know what you thought about it and if you would team up with your rivals to bag some prize money.