• New EG Book Listing - My Little Pony: Magic, Magic Everywhere!

    A new book has been listed by Hatchett for Equestria Girls. The synpsis seems to hint that it's a followup to Legend of Everfree, with the girls heading back and raising money for repairs.

    Head on down below for the details.

    Synopsis: Our Equestria Girls are back from an adventurous summer at Camp Everfree-but they can't relax quite yet! After saving the camp from disaster, they still have to raise the money to do necessary repairs, and a car wash might not cut it. The Equestria Girls are ready to try new things-starting with a mishmashed music video-and even get caught up in the world of movie magic. But when real magical powers come into play, the girls are going to have to use their own newfound powers and links to Equestria to save the day once again!

    Release Date: June 6th
    Pages: 208

    Thanks to Joshua for the heads up.