• Daniel Ingram Shows off A Music Studio for My Little Pony Movie Music

    Daniel Ingram is over on Nashville at Oceanway Studios recording some of the music that will be played during the My Little Pony movie. He posted up a ton of pictures of the setup over on his Twitter page, showing off various types of oldschool and newschool tech that will be going into it.If you are a music enthusiast, or just want to see what all goes into making a song for a big production, it's really a neat little tour.

    Head on down below for images and quotes!

    Thanks to Gb for the heads up! 

    "The mothership"

    "Getting ready to record some live strings tomorrow morn. Countdown is on..."

    "Only a few patches necessary..."

    "Vintage mix pre's for the win"

    "Mr Joseph Magee contemplating out first call brass section"

    "Finally some gear I can understand."

    "Ahh hearing live musicians playing these songs makes my day! Got that Nashville pocket on lockdown"

     "Spoiler alert!!"

    "Getting set up to record some beats... old school!"