• 3rd Phase of Printing for the Fallout Equestria Books Shipping this Weekend

    The Fallout Equestria book printing project has reached it's 3rd edition, with the new wave shipping soon. They are looking for help for anyone around Mid-Michigan who is available to assist in getting these packed and shipped for the weekend. Head on down below the break if you are interested in that, or just the book itself. 

    On to the news: The books are almost here, and they look absolutely stunning! 

    Check out the other pics here: http://imgur.com/a/aPzk3

    We're planning on getting them all boxed up and shipped out this Friday/Saturday with tracking number being emailed out shortly thereafter. We'll post more info here as we move forward. 

    Even more good news: Dust Jackets! (http://imgur.com/nsrnjkM)
    We know how much everyone wants to take care of their books, especially with this 3rd printing being so special. So each book includes a matching dust jacket! They're a velvety-smooth matte, which not only look and feel great, but also help protect the cover for the reader on the go.

    I'm new to this, what's up?
    To learn more about the project, what's going on and what we're doing, you should read the the FAQ, which goes over the details. 
    In short, signups for the third printing of Fallout: Equestria are closed, but we may have extra books available for sale near the end of the project. If you are interested please fill out the reserve sign up form: https://goo.gl/iv0Gdx

    Edit: For those asking, we'll establish the pricing for the reserve list once we take care of the pre-orders and know exactly how many extra books we have left. 

    That's all for now folks! As always, if you have any questions about the project, you should check out the FAQ, post in the FoE 3rd Printing Questions Thread. Or feel free to send us an email at FoEPrintProject@gmail.com. "