• 1 Brony, 28 Fandom Voices - 4everfreebrony Vocal Impersonations!

    Some of you may have seen Black Gryph0n's recent video where he showcased a whole bunch of vocal impressions of famous musical artists. Well, now 4everfreebrony has released a video with a similar idea, however all the musical impersonations are of fandom singers! There's a whopping 28 different ones, some more obvious than others, and they range from the big names like Aviators, Replacer and Eurobeat Brony to smaller yet well established vocalists like Francis Vace and Silver Note. Personally I think this is a great way to highlight how varied 4everfree's vocal abilities are, but also to help shine some extra light on some of the most iconic voices in the fandom. Make sure to check out the video below the break!