• Derp Fest 2017 Announces Venue for This Year

    Another bit of convention news to start your morning off. Derpfest 2017 has a venue now, and a press release for you all to check out below. Go get it if you want to attend.

    - Okay, Derpy, this box looks very cool but I don't think we can use it as a venue.

    Hi, everypony!
    There's still a lot of time left before the start of the convention and we are doing our best to ensure you have the best experience possible when you visit us in Moscow. Today's announcement is not the most exciting one but it’s still very important: We are announcing the first venue where Derp Fest is going to take place.
    “Why first?” you might ask. You see, generally both days run in the same venue, but for the sake of convenience, we chose to use two different ones for the weekend.
    The first day of the convention is going to be in the “Best Western Plus Vega Hotel and Congress Center” which is perfectly suited for panels and workshops. The second day’s program mostly consists of various contests, a cosplay competition, and a music festival. The Congress Center is not really the most suitable venue for these, so we have a better plan.
    As for the first day’s venue, we are going to occupy the whole third floor of the building. It is quite spacious and can hold up to 1400 people.
    The congress center offers eleven separate halls. All of them are soundproof and come with simultaneous translation equipment, ensuring panels always run smoothly.
    The hotel is only one floor above the venue. If you do not live in Moscow and are looking for a place to stay, we already got you covered: every Derp Fest attendee receives a coupon for a 35% discount on room reservations there.
    "Vega" is also very close to both metro and railway stations, making it very easy to get there from anywhere in Moscow. If you prefer driving to the venue, an underground parking lot is also available at under 6 euros per day.
    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for future announcements.