• Special Delivery - It's Derpy Day!

    A special package is here just for you guys: a box full of wonderful Derp! Quite a feat mailing herself I must say.

    Welcome to yet another pony appreciation day my friends! Today is the celebration of the original background pony that captured our hearts, Derpy herself. Pretty much with us since day 1 she has been an enduring part of the fandom that has went from easter egg to being a character from time to time in show itself.

    So lets celebrate all things Derpy today with some fun posts along the way!

    It's still not too late to send your Derpy Day stuff though. Please send them into [email protected] with Derpy Day in the subject header followed by the type of media you're sending in.

    Example: Derpy Day - Comics

    Now, onto some fun!

    Twitter: Calpain