• HAHcon 2018 and Charity Results from 2017

    The online pony convention HAHcon had another successful year, with a bunch of money going toward charity and plans already being made for 2018! Head on down below the break for the details.

    “Thanks for the only convention I’ve attended in my pajamas.”

    HAHcon was even better than last year. Check below to relive the crazy things that happened, or see what you missed out on. We are definitely hosting the convention again! Look for it around March 2018.

    This year we raised about $330 for charity. The final tally will be on our website. We are still selling posters if you want to pick one up last minute: http://hahcon.com/charity. Poster sales close this weekend and ship soon after.

    There were a ton of events. Recordings of some of the livestreams are available in our YouTube collection.

    The winner of our turkey gobbling contest was Nova Wolf! People called in live to make turkey noises for a whole hour. We can’t confirm whether anyone lost their singing voice, though.

    Bananimations’ vlog from HAHcon summarizes the convention really well.

    As the convention started to wrap up, we had an impromptu call where you could join in and listen to Spanish Flea. This went on for over an hour, and some people stayed for the entire thing.

    We ended the convention with an amazing live DJ’ed high energy music set by AWal, followed 
    by another (and a demonstration of how to mix your own music) with Bolt the Super-Pony.

    Overall, people were really happy to hang out in the livestreams and meet the many, many panelists who made the con such a great experience this year. If you didn’t get the chance to see a stream or lounge in the “main hall” room, we hope to see you in 2018.