• NY Toy Fair: The "Fun" Not Doubled: Funrise Drops Plushes, Funko Has Nothing New

    In the wake of us getting word from Aurora World and Diamond Select about losing their MLP licenses, we made sure to check in with other manufacturers, specifically Funko and Funrise. Our findings weren't nearly as depressing in that we didn't find much of anything.

    I'll break it down below...

    Deep inside the enormous Funko booth with over 200 figures and huge Baymax, Groot, and Batman statues, we found only 3 of the classic big-headed Pop! vinyls and the latest set of mystery minis. Thinking maybe there wasn't enough room on their titanic sized booth for new MLP stuff we had to flag down someone and ask. Nope, "nothing new" was the answer. I was hoping they would secretly bring back the larger pony models. As far as their newest pruct, which wasn't displayed at the show, are the MyMojis featured below, in the top left...

    Spitfire looks sleepy.

    Next, we went to see Funrise, makers of those cheap spaghetti mane plushes sold at big stores that you don't even tell your brony friends that you bought. Yeah, I have all of them. Upon entering their room we knew what the Hasbro representatives had told us were true, that all plushes were being made by Hasbro. Sad as that may be, the Hasbro plushes look very nice and the princesses as shown in a previous post, have air-powered, hoof-pumping, flappy-wing action.

    Buy Luna while you can!

    After talking with the people at Funrise we met with a toy company called Just Play, which focuses on new brushable ponies. While they have new movie related products in the works, we couldn't snag a picture just yet, but we promise they are cool. I did, however, get a pic of their toddler sized (no not sized for a toddler, the size of a toddler) sitting Pinkie with a long brushable mane. It's the thing for you if you need a lot of Pinkie. Check it...


    My Little Pony My Size Pinkie Pie
    The My Little Pony My Size Pinkie Pie is the perfect kid-sized pony pal for styling and playing! Debuting this fall along with the new film My Little Pony: The Movie, Pinkie is 19” tall and includes a hair brush and lots of hair accessories to wear and share!  Ages 3+, SRP $44.99