• MLP: Friendship is Magic #51 Preview and James Asmus Details Season 7/Comic Connection

    Some new information has popped up in an interview on CBR with writer James Asmus concerning the connection between season 7 and recent comics of the Friendship is Magic series. It gives a better look at how closely the two are tied together while also answering a bunch of general questions about the comic series in general.

    Not only that but CBR has an exclusive preview for the comics as well that we'll put after the break along with the answer to the question about the comics and season 7 plus links to the whole interview and comic preview page!

    Word on the street in “My Little Pony” circles is that this arc actually will tie-in to season seven of the animated series. What kind of insight can you share about the connection between what you’re writing and what’s coming up in the animated series?
    In these issues, Twilight and her friends are in pursuit of a mysterious new pony who’s erasing pieces of written history. As the issues play out, and we unravel the mystery surrounding this bandit — the answers are also teasing and tying into a big storyline in the upcoming season of the show. The “My Little Pony” team very kindly shared their stories and plans and opened up some opportunities for us to build into and out of what they have coming. Ultimately, we got to craft a really rich, fun, and ultimately meaningful story of our own — but they were kind enough to help us line everything up so that will hopefully be even more satisfying to fans of the show.
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