• Bonus Music #35

    Pony blastin it on the golden mic. Get a bunch of music below!

    [1] Source

    Maressey - You Just Haven't Earnet It Yet ( The EQD Song) by MLP Maressey

    Vocal - Rock

    [2] Source

    Vylet Pony - Little Dreams (Intersekt Remix) by IntersektPony

    Vocal - Drum & Bass

    [3] Source

    Spring come, Sakura bloom by Kelvin Fantaisie

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [4] Source

    OldasTheyAre : E48 (Postlude of SoGreatandPowerful) by OldasTheyAre

    Instrumental - Chill

    [5] Source

    Denz Xavier - Hero's Flight by Denz Xavier

    Instrumental - Rock

    [6] Source

    MC-Arch - No Shame. by MC- Arch

    Vocal - Hip Hop/Electronic

    [7] Source

    Twi's Fire: A SunsetSparkle Parody (Audio Only) Feat. BriLizyT by AdamMasterArt

    Vocal - Pop Parody

    [8] Source

    Brohoof Studios | By the Bass | Happy Hardcore by Brohoof Studios

    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore

    [9] Source

    No One Shall Betray (sequel to The Eternal Reign of King Sombra) by Mane In Green

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [10] Source

    ThisSideOfOblivion - Fall (MLP Song) by ThisSideOfOblivion

    Instrumental - Orchestral Electronic