• MLP:CCG "Defenders of Equestria" Set Coming on May 1

    It's been a long time in the making, but the wait has paid off for My Little Pony Collectible Card Game players and collectors - Defenders of Equestria is the name of the newest expansion set, and it's coming on May 1!

    Defenders of Equestria contains over 140 new cards and has lots of new gameplay for long-time players, including two new keywords: Experienced, which is generally themed around characters learning lessons, either from their past mistakes or from hard work; and Redeemed, which is on some rather powerful Friends who weren't always on the side of friendly ponykind. You'll also find all your favorite new Season 6 characters debuting in this set, like Ember, Gabby, and Thorax.

    Along with the new set announcement comes details on upgraded Organized Play kits for stores, which will be available on Enterplay's online store starting next Monday, February 6th. These kits contain a Discord, Party Clasher promo for each player, along with a random promo foil from past sets that have been in limited supply... including some that have never been released before!

    As we get closer to the release of Defenders of Equestria, we'll be sharing card spoilers, announcing prerelease dates and locations, and digging into what makes this such a great set, so keep an eye out for details on this heroic return of MLP:CCG.