• Lyra and the Secret Agent Ponies Gets a Cover

    Secret AGENT mare
    Secret AGENT mare
    She's given you a number, oh she's taken away your hands. 

    Alright, that was bad. I didn't think that songs lyrics were so weird.

    ANYWYAY. The "Lyra and the Secret Agant Ponies" book now has a cover over on the UK version of Amazon. Unfortunatetly it's not very secret agenty, but she looks pretty cute anyway.

    Joining her, we have a listing for "Rainbow Dash and the Great Cookie Prank", which based on the description looks to just be a retelling of 28 Pranks Later.

    Get synopsis and stuff for both of them below!

    Lyra and the Secret Agent Ponies

    Join all your My Little Pony friends in these brilliant original adventures, inspired by the hit TV show.
    Lyra knows everything about her best friend Bon Bon - doesn't she? But when a mysterious pony named Agent Furlong pays Bon Bon a visit, Lyra discovers that her best friend is actually a secret agent pony!
    When Lyra finds out Bon Bon needs help, there's only one thing she can do - join her friend and go undercover, together! Can the secret agent ponies protect Equestria?
    This magical My Little Pony adventure comes with bonus coloured activity pages, packed with puzzles, games and more fun!

    Rainbow Dash and the Great Cookie Prank

    Rainbow Dash loves puling a prank-or two or three! To prove that she's the greatest prankster around, she launches a one-pony prank war on all of Ponyville. When she finally goes too far, it's up to Pinkie Pie and the rest of the gang to set her straight with a little prank of their own!