• Discussion: Who Do You Want to Guest Star for Season 7?

    It seems like a trend now in pony to invite one or two big names on each season for an episode. Weird Al started the hype train, and several others have joined in on the festivities. Usually this always spawns out of an errant tweet or interview response showing an interest in the show from someone famous, then snowballs into them actually taking part in it.

    Our last big acting icon to do this was Billy Bob Thornton, discussing Starlight Glimmers intro to the series and watching it with his daughter, but that's not the only way an actor or actress can be scooped up for a role.

    So, good fandom with it's endless good ideas... who do you want to hop on for a guest position in season 7? Will we finally get that long rumored Doctor Whooves skit with David Tennant? What kind of episode does your choice star in?