• Equestria Daily is 6 Years Old Today!

    Six years ago today, the propaganda branch of the Great and Powerful Trixie club decided that the fandom desperately needed a reboot. The lack of appreciation for our glorious leader was rampant within the newly named "brony" thing, and I was chosen as their sacrificial lamb to spend the next half a decade slaving away and ruining my good name in order to promote and celebrate Equestrias #1 unicorn. Obviously this goal has been more than successful now that she has definitely joined the mane cast with her big season 6 finale.


    Seriously though, it has been an absolutely insane six years. It still amazes me that it has even been this long. Truth be told, I didn't even expect a year out of it. I remember telling Cereal Velocity way back during the last week of season one that we were absolutely doomed now that episodes were over. How could a site survive without new official content pouring in? How wrong I was!

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    I hope we've made a difference for all of you all these years. Trixie and bat OC's aside, spreading pony was always the primary purpose of the site. We needed a place for everyone to find all the best colorful horsey stuff, and hopefully help fuel the people creating it with a single point of extra eyes and feedback and help them grow and influence others to do the same. While things have slowed down a bit since the crazy early trending days, it's still incredible how much stuff is being created. Drawfriend posts are regularly exceeding 50 images, the music folder explodes 24/7 with brand new musicians making up the bulk of it, and major pony projects are still dropping every week!

    We've had our ups and downs over the years, with many a drama bomb and major change rocking the fandom, but the core has always remained intact and strong. The trend followers have wandered to the sidelines, but visiting any convention or seeing any oldschool creator drop a new piece of pony still makes waves with those guys. The real true fans are still here clamoring for more cartoon horse daily, and hopefully we will be able to continue delivering it long into the future!

    Obviously if you are a new person trying to break into the scene, it can be somewhat challenging with expectations high and the masses only following specific creators, but we still want to keep doing what we do here to help you grow. For EQD itself, we have a Youtube ad we are going to try out soon to hopefully bring in and introduce some of the newer fans to what our amazing creation side is doing. While anyone above the age of 16 has probably heard of or celebrated pony already, there are still a ton of people literally growing into it, stumbling into the show via random recommendations on Youtube.

    Unfortunately, many are completely oblivious to what the old "brony" side has cooked up, and since Google absolutely hates EQD for whatever reason (seriously, we can't page rank at all), they rarely find us. Hopefully this will help get some extra eyes to all of you out there struggling to make it through the endless ocean that is the Youtube algorithm. We are working with content creators throughout the fandom to help advertise it.

    Anyway, thanks to all the awesome people still browsing us to this day, thanks to all the Patreon supporters that are helping tremendously as we slowly dig our way through the current hiatus (seriously, you are doing a lot), and thanks to all the EQD volunteers and staffers that have helped run this crazy thing over the years! I know I've been a bit chaotic as a runner of this sometimes, but hopefully I haven't driven you all too crazy yet!