• Brony Thank You Fund 2018 Calendar Now Available

     The Brony Thank You Fund has released their next installment in the charity calendar series. Proceeds go toward the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. If you want to help battle it with ponies, go order a calendar over here! Images and press release can be found below the break.

    It's a new year, which means it's time to order your 2018 Brony Thank You Fund charity calendar and help buck cancer! This year, our theme is Ponies Through History, and we've assembled our usual collection of all-star artists to help reveal the truth about how ponies have played major roles in every famous historical event.

    Napoleon? A pony. George Washington? Totally a pony! The CMC were really the ones to raise the flag over Iwo Jima, and Twilight was the real discovery of electricity, not that slacker Franklin!

    As always, all the proceeds from the calendar go to help buck cancer through our support of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This is especially significant this year, as one of our contributing artists, Jenn Blake, is herself battling cancer.

    This year, we're trying something different, and using eBay as our storefront for the calendar, through their eBay for Charity program. This means that we pay nothing for credit card processing, and all of your donation (except for the shipping costs) go 100% to cancer research and treatment. You can order a calendar here: https://goo.gl/ISaFxq