• Audio Books: How To Train Your Pegasus / The Last Necromancer / A Surprise Indeed

    We haven't done one of these in a while. Three new audio books are here for you all to dive into. One is pretty short, but the rest have some hefty amount of wordings to get through.

    Go get them below!

    1.) How To Train Your Pegasus [Sad][Adventure]

    2.) Mortem - The Last Necromancer [Comedy][Dark][Adventure]
    3.) A Surprise Indeed [Sad]

    Audio Book: Mortem - The Last Necromancer 


    Author: SecretAgentPlotTwist
    Description: Almost a year after what seemed to be the concluding battle in Celestia's great crusade against necromancers, something Mortem believes to be borderline discrimination, he discovers one of Celestia's armies setting up camp just outside his stronghold.
    Not wanting to jump to any conclusions or risk angering the very powerful Princess, he concludes a diplomatic solution would be the best way forward. And so, he writes a letter.

    Mortem: the Last Necromancer (Audio Book)
    Mortem: the Last Necromancer (Story Page)

    Read By: Illya Leonov
    Reader Note:

    Normally I do not do "letters" stories but this one had such a marvelously snarky protagonist that I simply could not resist it. A beautifully passive - aggressive necromancer carries out a one-sided correspondence with a silent but determined Celestia. Sweet and evil. The best of villains. This reading was wonderfully bouyed up by the additional talents of ShadowOfCygnus and Neighrator Pony.

    Audio Book: How To Train Your Pegasus 


    Author: L3gion

    Description: Things haven't been going well for little Snow Bolt. She's always in trouble at school, her father is always yelling at her, and the bullies at school pick on her relentlessly. But just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, she's kidnapped by a dragon, who plans to bake her into a pie. Can Snow Bolt escape from the monster's lair before it's too late?

    How To Train Your Pegasus (Audio Book)How To Train Your Pegasus (Story Page)

    Read by: Illya Leonov

    Audio Book: "A Surprise Indeed"


    Description: Pinkie has sent off hundreds of cakes. Some for get-togethers, some for weddings, even some for just eating. But when Anonymous comes in for the same cake on the same day of every year, it's gonna raise some questions.
    And Pinkie's curiosity might get the better of her.
    A Surprise Indeed (Audio Book)

    Read by: Wuten