• Music Project: The Seapony Orchestra

    The Seapony orchestra is a fairly ambitious project to get a group of musicians together to play some music at SEAPonyCon 2017 in Thailand which they're calling the 'Tribute To Melodic Pony' performance. As far as I'm aware it's going pretty well, but they still need some more help in terms of musicians for the performance. Make sure to check out below for the full details!

    Hey there everypony, we are The Seapony Orchestra - a brony orchestra project, currently we are still lack of members and wish to getting some volunteered musician that can play instrument and able to visit SEAPonyCon for the Tribute to Melodic Pony performance.

    Currently we are lacking :-
    Violins and octavias
    oboe, clarinet
    all brasswinds
    (piano and other instrument also welcome to join!)

    If you are interested in it, feel free to hop into our group to see more details:3

    Our Discord Group:

    Project SEAPonyCon Official website: