• Acoustic Music: The L-Train - Daring Did Theme / GhostXb - Gallant Girls / Daniel Ingram - The Spectacle (Elias Frost Cover)

    Here we have a collection of 3 awesome non-electronic tracks!

    First up, whilst The L-Train normally produces heavier stuff than this, he's dusted off some orchestral libraries to produce a fitting theme for a friend's fanfic about Daring Do. As would be expected, it has a very adventurous feel to it, and fits the character really well. Second we have a light orchestral piece from GhostXb about the Equestria Girls in their new Legends of Everfree getup. This piece is very heroic-sounding, and focuses on quite bright-sounding instruments with a whole heap of woodwind and brass. Finally, Elias Frost delivers a pretty awesome cover of The Spectacle, taking it into a new style with an industrial German-language cover. I really like the new take he's got on it, especially those chord stabs around a minute in. Check them all out below the break!

    1. The L-Train - Daring Did Theme [Orchestral]

    2. GhostXb - Gallant Girls [Orchestral]

    3. Daniel Ingram - The Spectacle (Elias Frost Cover) [Industrial Metal]