• Help Us Make EQD Better By Answering Some Questions!

    We've done a few of these over the past year, and while they haven't done a whole lot to help the site grow, they have made it better for a lot of you who come here every day for your pony. We are looking into getting our very first advertisement out for problem #1, but #2 is something we can always improve!

    The last few times we did this, we really didn't have any good material to reference from going forward other than digging into hundreds of comments, so this time we are doing it in survey format. It covers the basics in each specific section that we can take to a second post and go through.

    I've always tried to keep you all in the loop on how we are doing things here, but I admit, I stopped doing it as often as I should which has created a boatload confusion surrounding the site over the past few years. Hopefully this can get us all on the same page.

    The survey covers a lot of things, and all questions are optional if they don't pertain to you at all. Feel free to skip around or do the entire thing, it's up to you. 

    TL;DR If you want to help EQD improve, please check out our survey! 

    Note: Please be honest too! We won't hate you if you complain. We won't even know who you are.