• Ponyville Ciderfest Adds Angel Wings to Guest of Honor List

    Welp, that was quick! Voice a character and BAM, convention guest! Expect the event later this month, for now, read about her addition below!

    Lexi Heule, the voice behind Angel Wings, is our surprise Guest of Honor!

    The My Little Pony fandom is unlike any other. We cheer for each other, we support each other, and we care for each other in ways that really should be more common than they are. Given the show’s track record for paying attention to and taking care of their fans – and since they have done something similar once before – it is no surprise that when Make a Wish reached out to Hasbro with Lexi’s wish, that they were more than willing to help out.

    “Lexi is a tenacious and spirited young woman with her eye on a career in voice acting for cartoons. If her debut on MLP is any indication, we certainly haven’t heard the last from her!” – Big Jim Miller

    Lexi has congenital heart disease and a connective tissue disorder, and has endured multiple open-heart surgeries. Despite this, Lexi has persevered against all odds. Thanks to Make a Wish, Hasbro and DHX, Lexi was given the opportunity to pursue the dream of becoming a voice actor and to bring the original character Angel Wings into the world of Equestria. When we at Ponyville Ciderfest became instant fans of the character and then learned that Lexi lives only a few hours away, our decision to invite Lexi as a surprise Guest of Honor took almost no thought.
    Pre-registration is still open for a few more days! Get your badge before the price goes up at the door, and get excited to meet Lexi and all the rest of our Guests of Honor in Milwaukee in less than two weeks!