• Sunset Day - Fanfic Submissions!

    Like the art post from earlier, we've decided to split off fanfic submissions specifically created for Sunset Shimmer Day into their own post. Below the break, we have 9 new ones for you all to dive into.

    As a general warning, these have not been reviewed by the pre-readers, so usual EQD standards do not apply. There are some pretty big name authors in here though, so it may not need too much worrying!

    Now go get em!

    Story: The Sunset Shipping Project


    Author: Oroboros 
    Description: Seven stories, each a one shot romance between Sunset Shimmer and a different member of the Humane 6.

    The Sun Sets Over the Apple Orchard
    A Suit With Sincerity
    A Heartfelt Goal
    Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer Get Trapped in an Elevator

    Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle have both been plagued by odd dreams. Romantic escapades and tender moments between ponies they don't recognize that all end in tragedy.
    Together, they investigate this phenomena, aware of the growing tug their hearts have for one another. The answers they find, however, may threaten to tear them apart.
    Perhaps in the Next Lifetime


    Author: scifipony
    Description: Sunset Shimmer, while still Celestia's personal student, learns that there's some places you don't want to go, but love will make you do strange things. That and time paradoxes and magic storms.

    Sunset Shimmer Goes to Hell


    Author: Deathscar
    Description: Sunset learns that stories don't always have happy endings
    In the Midst of Stars

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Holy
    Description: Sunset has reached the final page in her journal to Twilight. With no idea what to write on it, she has to think about living life without the guidance that she's relied on for so long, and possibly without one of her best friends.
    The Last Page