• Music of the Day #690

    The PRINCESS of the NIGHT has brought you music. Will you listen to it, or disappoint her?

    Go get your usual stuff that didn't quite make spotlight here below!

    [1] Source

    NeverLastStanding - All Around (Shika No Mori Sound Release) by NeverLastStanding

    Instrumental - House

    [2] Source

    MintFritter - Through The Space by Mint Fritter

    [3] Source

    Projekt Equestria ft. Bejeden - Manewry w Equestrii (prod. Matheo & Bejeden) by Projekt Equestria

    Vocal - Polish Rap

    [4] Source

    R3CTIFIER - Venality by R3CTIFIER

    Instrumental - Dark Electro

    [5] Source

    ɅΠU - Frozen Dreams by // ɅΠU \\

    Instrumental - Chill Trap

    [6] Source

    NeoN - Summer Nights (Original Mix) by Dj NeoN Music

    Instrumental - Tropical House

    [7] Source

    [Complextro] Quadrivia - Royal Punishment by Quadrivia

    Instrumental - Complextro

    [8] Source

    【Future】 Kawaii Dash - Bubble Tea | 木で美しさ Beauty in The Trees by XAVI

    Instrumental - Future House

    [10] Source

    The Curator of Dreams by Haycart

    Instrumental - Orchestral