• After Years of Requests, Equestria Daily Now has Forums! (Update - Email Derp 2!)

    For years now, people have asked us to try a forums out. Unfortunately a forum is a massive undertaking, and with EQD already absorbing a crazy amount of time, it was difficult to really find a time when we would be able to have something like that on the side.

    A few months ago you may have seen us launch a gaming forum for anyone looking to team up with some bronies to play or discuss games. It was also a good way to test the waters and see how many would be interested in this sort of thing. Turns out, quite a few were!

    We have taken what we learned there and went into full on forum mode. You can now blabber away with your fellow pony fan right here on EQD about whatever topic you wish! We even have a Roleplay section in there if you want to be a pony. I know I do. Don't tell my parents though. 

    Hit the forums up over here. We are currently working on getting it a button on the side bar and easy signup link. Sections will be modified and added as we see a need for them. Until then, enjoy!

    Note: This will not have an effect on Nightly or Morning Discussion, you can still blabber away in those at 7 PM and 4 AM AZ time.

    Update: It looks like the email activation is derping tonight for some reason. Looking into it!
    Update2: I think we may have over stressed the authentication server, so manual approvals for posting will go hourly out until email approvals are added. Sorry about the inconvenience!