• New Pony Cap Flicking Game - Buckshot

    This one actually showed up at Ponycon NY last weekend, but it will be heading to more conventions as the year goes on. We actually met up with them to give it a shot, and can tell a bunch of love was put into the design of it.

    The idea was pretty simple. Everyone picked a specific set of ponies, each with a "cap" and card to represent them. Some had special abilities, while others were simply fodder. Unlike most card games, this one requires you to physically flick the caps at each others pieces, knocking them out. Unfortunately the table at the convention wasn't the best for this, but it still worked well enough for us to get a good idea on how it's played.

    I'm sure loads more information will be released as the year goes on, but for now, get their press release and video below!

    Press Release:

    Hey, everyone!

    We hope you didn’t mind our video too much, we aren’t directors or editors. We’re game developers and graphic designers, haha.
    We’d like to take this time to introduce you to our new fan-made game… Buckshot!

    Buckshot is a strategy and skill based table-top combat game that’s played with some rather unconventional pieces - bottle caps! It’s excellent for collectors, and for those who are fans of the typical collectible card games.

    The goal of Buckshot is to eliminate your opponents with a strategically built team of up to 15 points, and to be the one with the most HP (Harmony Points) at the end of the match. It can be played with up to four players, and can have small alterations made to make it more challenging.
    There are currently 30 caps to collect along with their playing card counterparts. This is not including the “shimmer” caps which are essentially ultra-rare recolors of pre-existing caps (they do not affect gameplay, and are more for collectors)!
    Caps are themed after characters, and some of the caps have special abilities known as “Talents”.

    For example, if you have a Rainbow Dash cap, she has a Talent called “Sonic Rainboom”.
    You can activate her talent once per match, and it allows you to launch her twice in the case that you think you’re too far from your opponent’s caps. Not every pony cap has a talent, and many other background ponies are used as support caps. Each talent can be activated by one of three methods: reaction, activation, and interrupt. Our rule book will go much more into detail.
    Check out http://buckshot.me for how exactly to play the game, a list of available caps, and more!

    We are still in the very early stages of the game and are extremely open to feedback and ideas that those of you may have.

    We look forward to developing Buckshot and look even more forward to bringing everyone some fun!

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