• Music of the Day #629

    Your Music of the Day tonight is brought to you by Octavia Industries. She doesn't actually own the company, but they absorbed her as a mascot after you all made her famous. Isn't pony fandom fun?

    Below the break, everyone does the musics. Go get it.

    [1] Source

    0neTr1ckP0ny - Luna (The Kinks Parody) by 0netr1ckp0ny

    Vocal - Ska

    [3] Source

    Breaking Bonds (Sung in 20 Brony Musician Styles) - Ten Second Songs Parody by PonyboyCurtis

    Remix - Parody / Comedy

    [4] Source

    Undertuned | Song By YapSap by YapSap
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source

    of•snow•in•the•night•time | Luna by strigidae

    Instrumental - Acoustic / Electronic

    [6] Source

    Denz Xavier - Soarin Free by Denz Xavier

    Vocal - Acoustic

    [7] Source

    【Music】珍しいです by Vylet Pony

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [8] Source

    PhonicB∞m - Sp∞ky by Phonic Boom

    Instrumental - Dubstep