• Discussion: What Do You Think The Dark Looking "Alicorn Magic" Is?

    Sombra's Magic was first introduced in the Crystal Empire two parter, and was again channeled when Twilight had to use it for Zecora's vision potion to work. It's pretty ambiguous what exactly this force is, but the design of it seems to hint at something evil.

    When it was first called Alicorn Magic, many were confused at what exactly it was, and we still don't have a whole lot of information. Is it actually evil? Or is it simply some misunderstood strand of super-powerful energy that only the highest level unicorns and alicorns can access? Perhaps it's one of those old fantasy tropes of mages becoming addicted to the more rewarding dark side, and something good unicorns only access sparingly.

    What do you think? What is this mysterious magic?