• Exclusive: Full Image and Details of "Good Night Baby Flurry Heart" Book Revealed!

    We saw this one at toy fair in various grainy pictures, but the team over at Little Brown Books has given us the low-down on what exactly Good Night Baby Flurry Heart will be, including a high resolution image of the cover!

    Head on down below the break to check that, and the description out. Expect it to release on the 12th of April!

    Good Night Baby Flurry Heart


    MY LITTLE PONY: GOOD NIGHT, BABY FLURRY HEART by Michael Vogel and illustrated by Amy Mebberson—a sweet and funny picture book in which parents Princess Cadance and Shining Armor struggle to find the perfect bedtime story to get their sweet little Alicorn to sleep.

    Expect an interview with Mike Vogel on all of this in the near future!