• Another Returning Character Possibly Revealed for MLP Season 6!

    What's that Coco? Did you hear the news? Another returning character in season 6 and possible episode idea hinted at? Who would have thought!

    Head on down below the break for an image posted by the MLP Facebook page for season 6!

    Babs Seed time? Possibly. Description:

    Some ponies made fun of me for for not having a Cutie Mark. But when I became the fourth Cutie Mark Crusader, I learned that the search for a Cutie Mark was part of learning to become who I am. We all have Cutie Marks now, and I’m always a friend to ponies who are still looking for theirs. — Babs Seed

    Want to know what Babs Seed is up to now that she has her Cutie Mark? Or what her cousin Applejack says about Manehattan?? Find out when you Explore Equestria on the My Little Pony website!!

    Thanks to Jamar, David, Duel Monster, and everyone else for the heads up!

    (Coco Pommel sits so cute)