• Episode Rewatch - Dragonshy

    We've had some busy weekends with conventions and events happening that somewhat delayed these posts, so lets get back on track shall we? Dragonshy was next after Boast Busters introduced the Greatest and Most Powerful pony, and our first foray into a Fluttershy focused episode.

    How did she fare? Head on down below the break for the history and go rewatch it!

    That moment when invertebrates were lesser animals in the eyes of Flutterbutt.  A common theme in the old days this one.

    I literally saw at least 10 flash games based on Rainbow Dash bouncing a ball thanks to this scene. We were so beyond willing to make random, low quality things back then. That and it's cute. 

    One of those early movie references that helped draw a TON of people in to pony. Having scenes like this meme it up on Youtube was a big deal. 

    Obligatory butts. They were a rarity back then. The last two seasons seem to have added a whole bunch for whatever reason. 

    Pinkie Pie songs were short and sweet in these days. No one expected the future epics like Smile Smile Smile out of her. We remixed the hell out of this anyway though. 

     This scene right here was pretty much the go-to scene for any kind of speedy song in the PMV scene early on. That first year before we got more in season 2 was completely flooded with it.

    Rarity still wasn't very well loved seven episodes in, but  this right here helped bring quite a few people over to her side. The excellent acting by Tabitha and the slowly growing collection of jewelry throughout the scene helped give her a bit more character than "that pony obsessed with dresses and princes" that the first few episodes showed her off to be. Rarity has evolved a ton since then. 

    And finally, the first in many times Fluttershy would lay down the law over the next five seasons. We had rumors of an episode where she turns into a dragon thanks to a hint from Tabitha during SDCC a few years ago, but it never happened. Maybe in the future? Until then, she takes them on as a pony just fine.

    Overall, people liked Dragonshy. It wasn't the pinnacle of pony, but it was a fun little introduction to giving Fluttershy more character than just "that moe waifu bait" she was being labeled as prior to this.

    Now go rewatch the episode below! Ahhh

    MLP_FiM S1 E7 - Dragonshy by EpicMyLittlePony