• Pony Month In Review - 30+ Awesome Events That Happened in December 2015!

    December was the month of FAN TAKEOVER, as we lost our episodes but gained a drive to continue pony while waiting for more! We had multiple long-awaited merch releases, fandom characters getting boatloads of love, a brand new lineup of Equestria Girls dolls that are actually cool looking,

    Now go my minions! Bask in your December highlights. We have a ton of them.

    Applejack Day Dominated December 1st

    If you missed Applejack day, and want to relive some of the fun, go check it out!

    Funko Released Maud Pie and Cheese Sandwich

    They should still be in stores, or available online. Get Maud Pie here. Cheese here.

    4DE Plushies FINALLY Start Shipping

    Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash 4de Shipping

     And they are freakin awesome. Here's to hoping they do well enough to keep releasing new ones now that the bugs are solved.

    All are on Amazon here.

    Fluttershy Gets Fresh in Bel-Air

    What would we do without fandom VA's? Go check it out here.

    An Awesome Song From YourEnigma and Eile Monty

    Since all of you are so musical suddenly, have one of the great ones of the month!

    Season 5 in 55 Seconds

    Friendship is Magic Season 5 In 55 Seconds

     I missed these animations.  Check it here!

    My Little Pony Comic Holiday Special Releases

    If you haven't checked it out, go do that! If you have, what did you think?

    Hasbro Released a Friendship Club, and Everyone Immediately Forgot About It

    My Little Pony Friendship Club

    Wrong demographic for us I guess? They should do what the Hub did and and hide Season 6 hints.

    Get it here.

    Lyra and Bonbon and the Mares of S.M.I.L.E. is a thing, and Has an Awesome Cover


    Get this madness over here.

    We Love Fine's Chibi Figures Finally Start Shipping

    We Love Fine Chibi Vinyls Available

    Another one of those brony centric merch items has begun arriving at people's houses.You can get these guys over here.

    Spotlight Splash Gets Little Fan Art Despite Repeated Sock Usage

    Poor Spotlight Splash. At least she got some banner love... and half the fandom thinks shes a bat pony now.

    The Fandom Celebrated 2015 with Videos!

     An awesome year! Go Celebrate it here and here!

    Nickelodeon Gets Buddie Buddie With Hasbro

     I can't decide if them picking up pony would be amazing or awful, but it certainly would get more eyes on it's TV presence. Read it here.

    Friendship is Magic #37 Released! 

    Check it out over here if you haven't already!

    666 666 666

    We Grabbed Vicodin, He Did Editorials

    So many editorials. You all seem to be enjoying them. Hopefully we can keep these going while waiting for the season.

    He's a bit more critical than your usual EQDer, but if you need that positive balance you always have me!

    5 Things That Would Make Season 6 More Interesting
    Can Starlight Glimmer Be Reformed? 

    EQD Gets Exclusive Looks Into Future Comics!

    Go check out some future upcoming comics:

    Friends Forever #26
    Main Comic #40

    The Brony Fandom Will NEVER DIE!

    Go get my WAR SPEECH over here!

    Sad Starlight Glimmer Comics Happen

    Poor Starlight =[

    Happy Starlight Glimmer Comics Happen

    Yay Starlight! 

    Whatever this is

    Big Mac and Marble Pie Are a Cute Couple

    New York Pony Con Marble Pie and Big Mac Cover

    And then that happened. 

    The GREATEST AND MOST POWEFUL PONY Heads on a European Vacation

    Trixie Magazine Figure

    Wow. We got the shaft, rest of the world. No Trixie for us.

    Post over here.

    Ponies Attempt Strip Poker


    TOP 10's - Crossovers, Episodes, Ponies, and More!

    I love top tens, people love top tens, so why not top tens.

    10 Of the Best My Little Pony Crossover Ideas!
    The top 10 best new characters of season 5!  
    Top 10 Episodes of Season 5
    5 Background Pony Ideas for Season 6

    A Wild Fluffle Puff Appeared!

    Did you know Fluffy Mixer is the one that made the EQD current banner up there? Dude's a bro.

    Get your puff here.

    MLP Moving Teasing Happening on Twitter

    My Little Pony Movie Possible Tweet

    It's looking like the script may or may not be done on the MLP movie. It's coming...

    Post over here.



    Go get MOONED over here.

    Orange is the New Black Get's Ponified

    I'm not gonna lie, I marathoned the whole series. Get your ponification here.

    A 6th Equestria Girls May Be Planned

    Now if only we could ponify it... Look how cute that Sunny is up there. So <3 .="" br="">

    Read about it here!

    Open Server 5th Anniversary EQD Celebration Happening on Legends of Equestria!

    Time for 3D PONIES. And SOCKS! Come join us when it happens on the 16th of January!

    Infos here

    Illustrious Q posts this image like a million times

    TOP SECRET in the way that he is secretly brainwas-

    Equestria Girls Mini Gets a new Animated Series! 

    ...with slightly odd looking 3d models! I think we got a reversal here. EG had great animated models and odd toys, now we have odd animated models and great toys!

    Find out more, with trailer, here

    We Are Looking For Ways to Improve EQD!

    Come help us out! Info over here

    Youtube Creation Month Begins

    Make youtube videos, practice, be awesome. 

    Plane Ponies Get some Love

    And for the first time ever, I was able to label something "Saucy Airliner"

    Check them out here.

    Equestria Girls Mini Hits Amazon

    My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Twilight Sparkle DollMy Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Twilight Sparkle Doll

     And immediatly sell out in the wee hours of the morning. I guess they have a hit on their hands?

    Check them out here, and check back for stock!

    Trixie Continues to Be the Greatest Regardless of Poll Results

    The fact that she hasn't had an episode in two seasons is just proof that DHX can't handle her.

    Pony History Series Begins! Expect Posts at 12:00 AM Blog Time Highlighting Great Stuff in Pony!

     Get your pony history over here ye foals!

    Rainbow Dash Gets a More Complex SFM Models. Downloaders Quickly Discover The Addition of... "Butt Cheek Bones"

    I both can't wait, and fear for what people will do with this. Get her over here.

    Adorable Bat Pony Fanfiction

     Shes cute. You like cute. Read bats!

    Diving into the History of Pony Music, and Asking For Your Help To Make It Thrive Again!

    The comments on these posts have been good for a while, so keep it coming! Read the editorial over here and HELP MAKE BRONY MUSIC GREAT AGAIN.

    Overall, we had 503 posts in December. Technically that is slightly less than in-season months, but still a staggering amount of PONY!

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    New EQD Things for January: 
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